Augusta trip – Margaret Riviera, Cowaramup

Margaret Riviera in Cowaramup is a one-stop wonder shop for my version of essentials (you can use vinegar and newspaper for the others) when down South. Picked up some ostrich pate, Yallingup wood fired half-rye, chorizo, and some Cloverdene pecorino. The latter two I later used in a risotto.

The place in the photo is a little further south out of town . I botched their veges but their mandarins near blew my mouth off – I’ve grown accustomed to the should-have-been-here-yesterday flavour of most. Go, you will be trusted.


  1. Anonymous’s avatar

    Speed – I geddit :P

    PS: I get an error “cannot find file / ” in Mozilla. Had to visit in Opera. Do you know what’s going on there?


  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Blogger’ll do that every now and then, it works OK for me with Firefox. It can also chuck a wobbly with a “www” prefix.

    Mark is referring, not to his amphetamine purchases, but his very readworthy think piece on aesthetics and morality: twisted hamster [dot] net » a blank point. It also twigged this for all two wheeled Futurists out there : Song of the Sausage Creature

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