Feta and Spinach Omlette

Ongoing omlettes.

6 free range eggs; bunch of spinach – chopped; feta cheese – cubed; garlic clove -sliced; butter; pepper

Eggs separated with the whites whisked to whiteness, and then the yolks folded in. Peppered. Rested. Garlic softened in butter and followed by the spinach and then the the feta added to get it a little melty. Put aside. Cooked in some more butter with the spinch feta mix added while the top is still runny. Folded into thirds.


The execution was botched leaving a less than happy looking omlette but rather tasty I’d have to say.

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  1. Santos’s avatar

    i was told by un hombre aussie that the happy omelettes require more oil than makes you comfortable. do with that as you may.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    You wouldn’t have Dick Cheney’s number would you?

  3. Santos’s avatar

    don’t forget to use the eggs on the far right.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    bad eggs. Hey 240DL svergenvargen. Really?

  5. Santos’s avatar

    selling it. just a matter of when. 1993, something like 55k miles, mint body, slight brittleness in the plastic on one door panel, but otherwise clean interior. clean engine. lo-jack’d, kill start button, rear storage cover. original radio. cruise control? itzbinsolong i forget. the only thing i know of that’s wrong with it is the rear wiper. and i’ll fix that. feel like picking up a car in la?

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Nice. Flasher than our ’89 which is rapidly approaching 400,000km. Know what you mean about the brittle side pocket. Lo jack’d and kill button – nice! Grown fond of the thing and it’s country cruisiness, indestructibility and vast Ikea furniture carting ability, it also makes other drivers very very nervous. There’s always the bike if I need high speed kicks.

    Thanks for the kind offer. If I went to LA, it’d be like being at home yet away.

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