Shanks and Faro at Clairault Winery

A late posting but visual content buzzers were buzzing

Had lunch while at Augusta at Clairault Wines. My veal venison shank was exceptionally enjoyable but I’ve just realised I can’t remember whether the shanks were vension or veal [venison!]. I was thrown by the use of faro . Thought it was barley, which I’ve not had for quite a while. Enjoyed it so I might use it instead of Puy lentils some time in the future. It was the pick of the bunch as the other meals were a shade miserly and three tortellini for a main was taking liberties my son.

The wines are good but no notes as I’d shut down my wine sensors as I was skipper. Aye bloody aye.

Update:got on the blower and the nice lady at Clairault told me it was venison. Cheers.