Fine pieces to go

If these people can cook as well as they blog, I’m ruined. Some quality Friday arvo Australian food reading for you…

Excellence in amusement with Sedgwick with As the legendary chinese philosopher Darrell Lea once said … every Rocky Road contains marshmallow and at ALBINO -()- NEUTRINO -() there is “Tiger Prawn Jambalaya”.

More info truffles at Barista with the pie resurrected and gigantic

Mark bleeds for science and commerce in Guinea Piggery – it’s all for science, and a free box of wheaties.

Canadians are simply the lost Northern tribe of Aussies What the Wagyu?. They are eating Sydney as we speak.

Finally, neither Australian nor food related but mandatory reading at fantastic planet in case you never realised that saying the food was “surprisingly good” is the logical fallacy of Accent.

Update: I’m in bigger trouble than I thought, at Tug Boat Potemkin (thanks Rob). And there’s more at Soul Pacific with Sak zako bizin protez so montayn.


  1. Robert’s avatar

    Here’s one you missed — both Australian and food-related.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey the Tugboat is back and I got a link. Cheers very muchly. Can’t prod you onto the wagon with something from the kitchen can we?

    Tug Boat Potemkin

  3. Robert’s avatar

    Yep, there’s a good chance you can. Unfortunately I’ll be away this week, but when I get back I’ll whip something up.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Have a good one wherever you are.

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