(rFAFi) Cordless 70’s Foundue Pot

I did wish I had a burnt orange Crockpot and an XB Falcon but that’s life.

A big cheers to umami for doing the hard work on Reader’s Funky Appliance Fiesta (rFAFi)

Apropos: a plug for Gadget Lounge.


  1. Anonymous’s avatar

    Holy moley! That’s one of our long lost wedding presents!! (Luckily we were given another 7, and it was back in the days before the local tinker allowed people to return or exchange things.)

    BTW, anyone got any use for 20 fully gift wrapped sets of Splayds. (The 3 guineas price tags have been discretely and expertly removed.)

    The G.G.

  2. Santos’s avatar

    oh, uh, *wow*.

    i second the xb falcon wish. my ex-bf’s ex-gf had an orange barracuda that i tried to trade back the bf for….

    have to pass on the burnt orange crockpot as i own a mustard yellow one and a red one that matches your itchy lookin’ shirt (and that somehow does *not* make orange, i know, but it’s a lot of crockpots).

  3. Anonymous’s avatar

    All you need is some big fat gold jewellery and you’ll be a stone swinger…


  4. Anonymous’s avatar

    Oh Anthony, the shirt! erm, rather loud I must say. The fondue pot matches your shirt colourfully, and I love the forks especially.

  5. Anonymous’s avatar

    hi again, the previous comment was by umami.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Very large laughs. Half spoon half fork half crap I had fond memories of splades lovingly set in the blue velvet of cheap plastic royal show toys.
    Mmmmmmmmuscle cars gotta love ’em. Go for the Th&L with the ex’s ex. Was going for the flame spectrum with the pot and the shirt.
    With the shirt and the blue stratos, gold would have realigned the poles with lady magnetism – for the sake of the orienteers everywhere I said no. 12 stone swinger maybe.
    Host with the most. For more specs, the shirt is a pure 80/20 nylon and polyester Knit Le Mans in 11 from LA. Forks were Emmenthalverine.

  7. Jeanne’s avatar

    OK, you’re having us on. The shot is actually a still from a deleted scene in Boogie Nights, featuring Dirk Diggler and his Amazing Performing Fondue Pot, right??

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    well if you scroll down past the creme brulee post ; )

  9. Jeanne’s avatar

    OK, I was lol aready – even before I looked and saw that the post below creme brulee was “Fine pieces to take home”… A fine piece indeed!?! Nothing like a bit of self-promotion, I always say! ;-)

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    Ha! Yes.. oh hi Toni, oh nothing just reading some comments, no no that was just some self-depracating hyperbole, yes really, no please no not the the cast iron Le Creuset Frypan, ow!

  11. Anonymous’s avatar

    Wow…that is one crazy, or should I say funky, fondue pot. I’m really impressed with how the background of your photo matches the pot and your shirt so well! Did you set up special funky lighting for the photo shoot? :)


  12. Cathy’s avatar

    Anthony – I think you should take the prize for this go-round of rFAFi – definitely the funkiest and the best photo too! Actually, fondue is back in the US. There are a number of restaurants that specialize in it.

  13. Anthony’s avatar

    It’s a treasure.
    Just natural light. The wall is my Eastern garden wall, and it was just catching optimum afternoon sunlight and I was just under cover. The camera was on a tripod and the flash was shut down so that’s why you get that slightly luminous effect in the background. The camera was my trusty 5yo Leica Digital and the pic was cleaned up and colour balanced in Photoshop. Backgournd music was Shaft. My wife and tossed a coin to pick the model and sadly I won.
    Cheers matey it’s the participation that wins the day. Yep fondues creeping back here too. Never had much luck with them. Almost burnt my house down with a chocolate fondue and have mainly stuck to the Japanese communal eating experiences of Nabe and Yakitori/Yakiniku nights.

  14. Santos’s avatar

    wait–anthony and toni? that’s so cute. y’all are well on your way to creating an r&b group.

    toni–not the le creuset frying pan–it’s too valuable!!

  15. Anthony’s avatar

    It is very cute if not confusing. My friends have never seen her, they say she is just an external manifestation of my repressed feminine psyche, I say she has just gone down the shops for some milk and will be back.

  16. Santos’s avatar

    um? there’s this movie you should see? starring anthony/tony perkins…? actually, if you saw the irky van sant remake,julianne moore wears a similar blouse, whoops, i mean shirt to yours….

  17. Anthony’s avatar

    Dreams, sex, death, Vienna, – and now this from Mark…

    twisted hamster [dot] net » Pikky Dream

  18. Jeanne’s avatar

    Well, having seen the pic on Twistedhamster, I must say I am very impressed with the reducing bra that was clearly employed in your original pic – I mean, who would have guessed at that ample cleavage?? Some would say this is final proof that Anthony/Toni are merely two sides of a precariously balanced psyche… ;-)

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