Got these mushrooms at the Subiaco Station Street markets on Sunday. The last time I threw caution to the wind, I found myself sitting on my own a photobooth in Yokohama at 4 in the morning. Sensible me therefore asks if anybody has got any idea what they are and the best way to cook them?


  1. Santos’s avatar

    methincks you’ve got some king eryngiis, giant oyster mushrooms: is a v. weird, helpful site for mushroom identification, btw.

    the best way to cook them is…in a pan.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Satan’s pot plants, what a photo that link is.

    Thanks super sleuth, I’ll cook it up tonight after I get the dents out of my pan.

  3. Santos’s avatar

    who, you mean this guy?

    i dunno, i rather like them potted up like that. you can do some interesting garden landscapes….

  4. FXH’s avatar

    erk – it looks like the limbs of a murdered small child in those pics.

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    Dear Francis

    Thank you for your application for the position of Marketing Manager-Australian Mushroom Board. Unfortunately…

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