Australia – diversity and the constant struggle against obscurity.

Very interesting stuff on our national drink at Vinodiversity.

OI! International new world wine blogging day September 1st. At

Lenndevours. (via Dave at Weber_cam.)


  1. Jeanne’s avatar

    I do believe I recommended the Nederburg Petit Verdot to you (the only single-cultivar bottling of this grape in SA) – and now I see it’s hot stuff down under too! Take my advice – buy, buy buy! (oh, and be a mate and mail a couple of bottles up north please!!)

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    You did indeed and I was thinking of your recco when I posted. Vinodiversity makes sense for me because it links up with my purchasing patterns of – have I heard of this before, no, oh well I’d better get it then. It’s a great thing for Aussie wine production too if these new varieties are given encouragement and exposure. Can only fault them on bagging Chardonnay, I think the Chardonnay backlashbacklash starts here. Or are we already into the backlash backlash backlash and I’ve missed the boat?
    Speaking of which, the Clipper for London left last Tuesday so you’ll have to wait until next April if you want any wines. Could you send me some tobacco and gunpowder though?

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