Hot Sauce

Bastards!!! Parenting and hotsauce via uggabugga

In addition, Whelchel offers the following: “For lying or other offenses of the tongue, I ‘spank’ my kids’ tongues. I put a tiny drop of hot sauce on the end of my finger and dab it onto my child’s tongue. It stings for a while, but it abates. (It’s the memory that lingers!)”


  1. Santos’s avatar

    okay, now who would seriously take advice from lisa whelchel aka “blair witch” from “facts of life”?

    although, if you tried that on guam, the kids would think it was a *reward*, not a punishment….pika, nene!

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Oh hell, that’s her. That figures, It’s like finding Soleil Moon Frye at Abu Ghraib.

  3. Santos’s avatar

    did you know soleil moon frye is a part of that whole punk’d crowd? i can see punky brewster at abu ghraib happening.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    To be fair, and I occasionally am, it’d be pretty tough to spend your life with people going “weren’t you Punky Brewster?” and being “Sun Moon” without the counteracting benefit of Frank Zappa as your Dad.

    Since kids over there like hot sauce so much, any recommendations (for eating – not for “good old fashioned” pre-Dr Spock parenting).

  5. Santos’s avatar

    oh, no no no no, even with the hot sauce you wouldn’t want to eat the kids here. too tough.

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    I’d like to see you make something using some 6AM Sauce.

    I know some guys who love the 2AM sauce that you used to be able to get from It appears that they don’t sell it anymore, though you can get the hotter 3AM Sauce.

    There’s not too many foodstuffs that you have to sign a disclaimer to buy!

  8. Anthony’s avatar


    Cheers for the links. That’s pretty evil stuff is capsaicin. I think the secret to hot food is building up to it. The hottest I’ve ever eaten was at a Szechuan restaurant in Shanghai, the spicy soup at the start tasted like water after the chicken cooked in a basket of chillies. Great thing about chillies though is the chilli trip that happens – mmmm I’m inspired.

  9. Ben’s avatar

    I used to work with the guys that had the 2AM Sauce, and they worked up from 3 or 4 drops in their vindaloo to about 14. That’s the last I heard of it, but I did hear them talking about someone who got it on his hands, thought he’d washed it all off, but found he didn’t later in the day when he was relieving himself. So it’s stuff to be weary of.

    I’m all for hot food, but not to the detriment of the flavour or enjoyment of the food. Heat is all relative of course. A Sri Lankan friend who’s also a chef cooks for me occasionally, and what’s nearly blowing my head off is “bland” to him.

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    Good point about the handwashing. Once you’ve chopped and deseeded chillies and then gone on to wipe your eyes or face, you’ll never do it again. I kept a box of “cavity search” gloves, just for chillies.

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