Veal Tortellini with Mushroom Gravy

This was a happy experiment.

I had some fresh tortellini to be rid of. Actually it wasn’t fresh in the true sense just one of those sealed packs that last a couple of weeks. I was just going to have some mushrooms with a tomato sauce but I found some really nice small field mushrooms at the Subi markets on the weekend and was worried about swamping them with tomato so I yanked them out of the pan and chopped up the small piece of pancetta that I had in the fridge.

This I fried until it’s colour started to change then chucked in a thinly sliced eschallot – softened it and then in went the mushrooms with a splash more olive oil and some pepper. Stirred until softened and then I tossed in half and a bit of a glass of cardboard red and brought to the boil, them allowed to simmer.

Then I mixed in barely half a cup of tomato puree and allowed to simmer.

This went on top of the by now cooked tortellini and a mutton chop from the farm.

It was great. The sauce was very meaty, even without the assistance of beef stock and made a change from my usual pasta sauce combos.