Marinated Octopus – Htapothi Vrasto


Beasts. Of all the creatures there are few less like us than but even fewer that are our betters. More than just extra limbed or different skinned they are our lean-running adaptable betters – heads with limbs, bisexual, and cannibalistic. Our competitors for food, with exquisite taste in seafood, they plunder crayfish pots. Masters of unspeakable acts, they are, according to Hokusai, after our women [ not worksafe ].

Only one choice for our species, pickle the brute. You don’t have to thank me.

Unsure of how to go about this I went to here and here .

You may want to save yourself the grief and buy pre-boiled octopus. Mine was fresh and headless and weighed a kilo. Put it into a large pot of simmering water and left it there for a little over an hour, when the tentacle could be pierced effortlessly with a skewer. I then went about the nasty work sloughing off the skin and chopping the tentacles into small pieces.

Marinade half a cup of olive oil; half a cup of white wine vinegar; 1 tbs of balsamic vinegar; 4 cloves of garlic; about 20cm of fresh thyme; salt and pepper

Put the octopus into a jar, putting the thyme somewhere half way, and then pouring in the marinade, giving it a stir, and leaving it in the fridge. Three days later, it could still settle a bit more, but nicely tender, might have it tomorrow.

Invaluable was Pharyngula with Octopus Sex and Octopuses and, amusingly, The Cephalopod Page – FAQ

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  1. Santos’s avatar

    “I then went a bout the nasty work sloughing off the skin and chopping the tentacles into small pieces.”

    um, forgive the ignorance, but i remember having to do this as a kid…i don’t remember a skin–was i given skinless wonders to chop?

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    It’s red and comes off in tiny pieces, more a case of rubbing the skin off than peeling

  3. Anonymous’s avatar

    Now that’s a scary octopus picture. Thanks for coming down last night & wish I had more time to chat, etc. I’ll see Wednesday if you’re coming MM’s for the meetup.

    Luv ya


  4. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Never tried pickled octopus before. My grandmother used to boil tako in sake until tender, then slice. The slices were covered in a miso dressing. Yummy! Here in Hawaii we also eat tako in poke (poh-KEH). You can find some information by going to this link here.

  5. Anthony’s avatar


    You’re very welcome. Dragged a few mates along and thet had a good time too – they’re not the most musically adventurous but liked your set (the stroking segment raised a couple of eyebrows tho’) See R. Corr for the convo you missed out on. Hey did I win the quilt, your lead singer went up to Toni and said some drunk guy in a Stussy T-shirt just bought a heap of tickets and she said “Ahhhgh that’s my husband!” Will be a bit late for Wednesday – Miss Mauds though – least I can’t get into too much trouble.

    Cheers for that. I was thinking of Japanese pickling but went for the Greek Olympic special. Goo link, gotta love Polynesian consonant dominated limited phoneme languages – I’m off to ask the wife for a lomilomi.

  6. Robert’s avatar

    Ah, Wednesday.

    I’ll probably have to miss it. I have a class scheduled to run until 8:30pm on Wednesdays.

    Mind you, I might still make it. Last Wednesday I rocked up at uni for my 8:30am class, then the afternoon class was cancelled, so I had a seven hour wait until Indigenous Law at 5:30pm. And then the #@%$^ lecturer didn’t show up.


  7. Anthony’s avatar

    See how you go, I could be as late as nine to catch a slice of torte – could things have shuffled to a pub by then? You or Mark H. got a mobile?

  8. Anonymous’s avatar

    Secret of Japanese boiled octopus is boiling it with daikon radish, something in the radish super tenderizes the octopus making even the skin edible… worth trying the greek marinade using the daikon in the boiling then discarding.

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    The blogger comments system gives some real who was that masked man/woman moments.

    Daikon are incredibly versatile and I appreciated hearing about another use for them. Thanks for that whoever you are.

  10. Enlargement’s avatar

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  11. Anonymous’s avatar

    On a recent ski trip I had fresh marinated octopus at a Greek restaurant in Whistler BC. After some time with the owner, he took us into the kitchen showing the octopus being boiled. At that time he reached into the pot, cut off a tentacle chopping it up on a board and transferring it to a plate. His son Derek then drizzled extra virgin olive oil onto it followed with a wonderful smoked Spanish paprika and coarse salt. “This is the way it meant to be eaten,” he told us. Add to that rustic bread to dip into the juices and oil. No skinning, just 2 hours of boiling with a copper pot and wine corks. He also added that the way it is killed is important, as with any animal. A quick kill will eliminate some of the toughness. A wonderful experience with a new food that was excellent. If you ever get to Whistler visit Kike Redondo at Kypriaki Norte, you will not be disappointed.

  12. teddlesruss’s avatar

    oktolikkalottapuss, amusing picture. Amusing octo-trajectory page too, I learn such a lot from your blog. And even score the occasional recipe, to boot… %)

    Eating a slice of raw octopus while fishing is a good way to get the whole fishing spot to yourself, too. Especially if you and all your mates have been drinking the night before and feeling seedy. No need to try it – trust me on this…

    Left u an email do you check the gmail account still?

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