Skippy the 5ft Bush Kangaroo Paw


John Keats “Beauty is truth, truth beauty


Update: The Secret Lives of Pheasants pipped me on Keats. Bustards! Love their work though.


  1. Santos’s avatar

    skippy looks kinda…confrontational to me. it’s those crazy red fingers.

    keats, huh.

  2. Robert’s avatar

    “Beauty is truth, truth beauty” … and then there’s Skippy.

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    Santos – well after he heard what happened to the globed peonies he’s been a bit defensive.
    Robert – he’s on his way for “words”.

  4. Robert’s avatar

    Shouldn’t he be saving someone who fell off a cliff or something?

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    Keats? No, he’s dead.

  6. Jeanne’s avatar

    Aaah, Skippy… What leaf-fring’d legend haunts about thy shape?

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    “My flaming robes stream out beyond my heels” said Skippy

  8. Santos’s avatar

    even when i was 15 i knew that 24-year old men were full of it.

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    full of….phlegm?

  10. Santos’s avatar

    flaming robes and leafy fringes.

  11. Anonymous’s avatar

    oh shut up peeps u anint cool enegh so get lost plz

  12. slutty cow’s avatar

    hey peeps wat up today plants are very boring

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