Colonial Fancies

Legible version here

From my 1977 copy of Australian Colonial Cookery by Richard (nice combo) Daunton-Fear and Penelope Vigar – “A page from Mrs Beeton’s cookery book illustrating some of the hundreds of elaborate desserts which were part of a good cooks repertoire during the latter half of the nineteenth century”. Part of my research for my groundbreaking book Confections of History-The Myth of pre 1970s Rubbish Food; Chapter 6 – No Empire, No Fancy Jelly”.

There’ll be a test next week, get boning.

Eddy’s in the Space Time Continuum: Fine dining and fisticuffs at A Journal of Four Coloured Colonial Fancies

Speaking of Mrs Beeton – things have been rather quiet over at Tripe Soup. And which cake do I like? The deltoid one seems to have had quite a bit of work put into it.



  1. pixelkitty’s avatar


    That was me fainting in anticipation. *drools*

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Now are you sure I can’t tempt you with the Pine-Apple Ice, PixelKitty?

  3. Anonymous’s avatar

    Maybe you should do a writeup of Japanese restaraunts in Perth. You know, for us who lack any kind of culinary talent.


  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Hokay – the research shouldn’t be too onerous. I’ve been meaning to get to Tsunami in Mosman Park one of these days.

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