Milkmaids of Human Kindness

This is what I came home to at 8:45 last night.

Saint Susan of Tagine dropped this around while I was at work because she felt that the christening dinner party was insufficiently Moroccan. It was magnificent with the olives leaving contrasting traces of bitterness to counterpoint the sultanas, with the beef having perfect slow cooking falling apartness over fluffy couscous. Cheers.

Furthering… Sister Natalie of the Order of Sporty Vehicles is a physio (and my actual sister) and is plugging a campaign for the Cerebral Palsy Campaign of WA. If you’ve got a mobile phone you don’t need anymore or just confiscated one off a twat in the cinema or a dickhead driver, here’s the deal. Nat?

I know that most of you love your mobile phones and like to update them regularly either at your own or your employer’s expense. I ask you to get involved in a fundraising initiative for my employer, The Cerebral Palsy Association of WA. It is a not for profit organisation that relies on fundraising to provide equipment for people with cerebral palsy (CP).


In this case all of the funds will go towards specialised communication devices for children and adults with CP (is this irony or destiny?)


All you have to get that warm fuzzy feeling of doing something good is follow this [Mobile Phone Recycling WA] link and you can register to to get a reply paid pack to send your unwanted phone to the supplied address and The Cerebral Palsy Association will get a donation.

That’s it. If you’ve got a mobile spare; or food you need eaten and reviewed, you know what to do.

Disclaimer: obviously these last two are my personal good ideas and not those of the CPA of WA

Bonus Altruism:Bertrand Russell, Dalai Lama, me… at womanchild’s natty site.