Bluffet n. v. tr. to deceive by appealing to perceived unlimited wants rather than well provided needs: They bluffeted me into thinking I wanted everything but really I just needed a well poached egg with some hollandaise.

Observation City’s always been a sore point with me, but good to catch up with the old boy and a happy Father’s Day to all Dads out there tomorrow.


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    Is the ‘t’ silent, as in ballet? I wouldn’t want to sound like a phillistine when I say it, you see :P


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    There’s a silent T in ballet? No wonder they were snickering when I was discussing Nutcracker Lake.

    A very good point Mark the Muse, and it is a silent “t” and you can stretch out the “u” to a richer “oo” for Frenchistential effect as “la vie est un grande bluffet”

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