The Long and The Hard

I’ve added a link, pain, on the side to my all new counter-blog, vanishing pointless. It’s a training log for the Melbourne Marathon. Yes, I know this is the site of the soft pleasures but it’s hand on the skillet time – you’ve had virtual drinking and dining, now I bring you virtual exercise. The idea is to publicly shame myself into training. Feel free to offer manliness questioning encouragement there.

The race will be, funnily enough, the day after the Australian Federal elections. For my efforts I’ll get a trip east, a medal, and chaffed nipples; battlers of ideas get a change of government and to say farewell to the present dissembling bunch of fuckers. Here’s hoping for the lot of us.

They are many but here they are my long term inspired 5 election bloggers to follow over the next 5 weeks:

At ’em.

Ah! wasureta!, mo hitotsu: Quiggin

mo ikkai mo hitotsu: Foodgoat’s got the politics-food crossover just right.


  1. Anonymous’s avatar

    Your blog doesn’t allow anonymous comments – so if you think you can live without someone slagging off your attempts to get fit, then fine. See if I care. See if I bloody care.


  2. Anthony’s avatar

    oops it’ll be fixed in a Jiffy.

    May I suggest “my grandmother runs faster than that”.

  3. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    If you and/or Latham win I’ll shout you a beer. Otherwise it’s on you.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Ha! I’ll be happy if I finish*, Lathams got better odds so you’re on – mine’s a large one. Contact details before the big day, Sir.

    *Still not ruling out the Steve Bradbury factor.

  5. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    A large one eh. Well, I can probably find something similar, but it might still have a goldfish or two in it. I’m sure that won’t bother someone with your cosmopolitan tastes.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Good sashimied with a sesame sauce

    BTW I’ve got two Anthony J’s here, was this you?

    “Meanwhile VoS is Auberon Waugh from beyond the grave. Woooo!”

    If it was, I’m one down on the drinks tab.

  7. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    Those words were typed by me. But I don’t think I posted them here. I’m confused. (Puts fists on temples and blunders about).

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    No I think it was over at Road to Surfdom. Nice work.

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