Leica Digilux Zoom

This is the real star of the show – the Leica Digilux Zoom . Bought it just before the end of the 20th century, I’ve elise to thank for my new found love of it by confounding my hope a while back that I needed to immediately go out and buy a D100. The Leica mainly hangs around on top of my Manfrotto tripod waiting to interrupt the serving of most meals around here. With a cute dimple on the front, it still takes a mean photo. My only beef with it is no flash mount. What do we learn from this – spend a bit up front and enjoy at your leisure. Curious to know what you other folks are packing.

Why can’t you see my face, well that’s because I have no nose.

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  1. tokyo goat’s avatar

    this is my new machine

  2. Jeanne’s avatar

    Canon Powershot A80 – somewhere between a compact and an SLR but at a very moderate price. Nice macro function, lots of settings (aperture priority, shutterspeed priority), great pics.

    [This is, of course, apart from my 2 Pentax SLRs and a Pentax Espio compact that has travelled everywhere with me and is my most treasured possession!]

  3. tokyo goat’s avatar

    Comments about the machine
    Overall, it rocks and is way more than I could need/use. Proud to take, and use it, anywhere anytime.
    the robust approach was a nice change to all the flimsy slick metallic cameras dangling from Ayumis neckThe good bits: fully manual/automatic, as you please.
    5 megapixels. Wide angle (28mm-116mm/35mm equivalent). Fancy preset scene functions a million. Built in flash and mounts for add ons. Can accept add on lenses (wideangle, fish eye, tele-). Many more light /contrast/ compensation tweaking parameters than I’ll ever use. Nikon battery but 2CR5 can also be used. (back-up). Usual rough and tumble Nikon body. Compact Flash (256MB at present). Remote shutter release…can be bought..

    The shit bits: the view screen is way small. Significantly smaller than the actual photo boundaries. High quality and large image saving is slow. Lensehood is a piece of crap that blocks using the normal view finder but makes the camera look kind of cool. Some autofocus fumblings like most digicameras.

    Most pics so far have all turned out well. Got a few good fireworks pics but that night it rained and got some drops on the lense. The wide angle worked wonders on the Kyoto shots…might post them up one day.

  4. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    No nose? I bet you smell terrible.
    Canon Powershot S50. It’s nice and compact but for some reason my old Sony DSC-75 took better pictures despite being only 3.3 MP. Better lens, I guess.

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    Hmm time to enforce some rules or there’ll be IP address banning.
    Rule 1 (Andrew, Jeanne) Obvious joke set ups are to be responded to.
    Rule 3 (Anthony J) The punch line is left for the host.

    Lets try this again. My nose has no dog … oh never mind.

    Andrew, you’ve done well especially with the mount and the lens range. Can’t belive they’d mess up something simple like the screen. Did you get it new?

    Jeanne – alive! I thought your BBQ salmon had done you in. What does hubby think of being number two treasured possession?

    Anthony – the Leicas got a feeble 1.3 MP but if you shoot tight it’s fine for the computer. Lens does seem to help.

  6. tokyo goat’s avatar

    new but the model is a year or so old. There were a few newer of these SLR/Compact hybrid thingys but they were too much cash and generally unappealing. The next step was a full digital SLR of which the D70 would have been the choice. But don’t need it. The file sizes would have been montrous and unnecessary for the web which is where I plan to live. Cost me 80,000 yen. Saw it in the second hand shop the other day for less than 40,000 yen. These kinds of findings don’t upset me however cause thats the way it works.

  7. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    Actually the joke is best performed as follows, using a culturally insensitive Hogan’s Heroes German accent, preferably while standing next to the sign-up sheet for a graduate seminar in German Humour at Melbourne Uni:

    A: I say, my dog’s got no nose.
    B: Oh really, how does he smell?
    A: He can’t smell. He’s got no nose.

    Boom boom!

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    Andrew. Gah! Know what you mean. External flash thing is now bothering and with talk of second hand bargains, if you happpen to see one of these babies in your Shinjuku wanderings, let me know.

    It’s the Russian front for you. German humour, it’s no laughing matter.

  9. Santos’s avatar

    did you slice off your nose when you sliced that finger (at least we know which one now)?

    i have the craptastic nikon coolpix 2500–you know, the one that looks like it takes 110 film cartridges. when it’s not sitting at the end of my tripod–aka my elbows–it can be found at the bottom of my giant handbag jostling for space amongst the loose change and uncapped lipsticks. it zooms as far as i’m willing to back up. my only beef with it is that it didn’t come in pink.

  10. Robert’s avatar

    Had a haircut, Anthony?

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    I hate to say this but I stumbled across your camera while doing some research and thought, what a piece of crap. Given your photos are consistently superb and the best foodie one’s I see, I’m both super impressed and deeply suspicious that this isn’t some kind of international women’s conspiracy to stop men insisting they need “stuff”. Come on fess up, I know you’ve got a D1.

    As for nose, well I was spiting my face and the next thing I knew..

    You noticed *blush*

  12. Santos’s avatar

    what’s worse is that i own that cam only because my 12 year old cousin wouldn’t be caught dead with it.

    i am the queen of crap cameras–if it’s destined to be discontinued, i own it. pixelvision? i have 2! nikon em? with duct tape on the back! remember the super crap sony snap hi-8? whole music video on that.

    i own a t2 and a nikon f4. both have been used once. completely unable to work them out, i take the worst photos on them. i only do well with junk, what does that say about me?

  13. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    I’m using a Sony DSC-V1. I was OK with this camera when I first bought it, however, it’s not very good with close ups. I’m thinking of purchasing the Panasonic DMC-FZ20S, but I’ll wait to see how the new crop of cameras look when they arrive in the stores this holiday season before making up my mind.

  14. Santos’s avatar

    whoops, forgot something. thank you, sir, for the gracious compliment.

  15. Anthony’s avatar

    Only do well with junk – that would make you William Burroughs.
    No it’s clear you are pure punk, look waht happened with Phil Specter and the Ramones.
    Very welcome for the compliment, if your ears are regularly burning it’s me going “fook she’s raised the bar again”.
    You, however, are a gadget junkie – nice work. Without being bleedingly obvious have you tried switching to macro for close ups, it was a revelation for me.

  16. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    What? Me a gadget junkie? You must be out of your mind! Hehe! On a serious note, I have tried the macro mode and sometimes it works wonderfully and at other times, it fails miserably. But then again, in my experience, that’s the nature of Sony’s products. I’m actually interested in the Panasonic camera because of the Leica lens it uses. =) Just don’t know if I want to make the jump since I’ve invested so much money in Sony’s memory sticks (over US$1000)!

  17. Anthony’s avatar

    Hmm yes Leica, but don’t Sony use Contax lenses, which are just as good. I’ve got a nice little Contax T1 film camera and it’s a beauty.
    Not sure what’s wrong with the macro – focus lock on the wrong point?
    That’s a *lot* of gum sticks. 

  18. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    My Sony camera actually uses a Carl Zeiss lens which was actually well reviewed. I have a feeling that the problem is not with the lens, but with the CCD sensor. Oh well….

  19. Anthony’s avatar

    Electrickery, can’t help y’ there sonny.

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