Hey! Ho! Lets pass away

Gah! no! Johnny Ramone has died. I know he wasn’t churning stuff out to the grave like Johnny Cash but this could mean the Beatles outlive the Ramones in a generational cheat. Sadly joins Frank Zappa with comic/tragic Prostate Cancer. Barking Pumpkins all round.

Vale and a big salute for proving it doesn’t get better than simpler and faster and it’s better to be smart dumb, than dumb smart.



  1. tokyo goat’s avatar

    I’ve just learnt a possible reason as to why I’ve always been instinctively suspicious of Dr Dre

  2. Robert’s avatar

    Great musician, shitty politics.

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    Dr Dre…kills by uncontrolled cell growth? Killed hip-hop though.

    Rob, yep – conservative heroes of rock! Now *there’s* a CD.

  4. c.’s avatar

    I thought about blogging about this sad event, but then I thought about all my holier than thou, musically inclined Californian friends — those who just got back from a “killer” Prince concert — friends who would say, “what the f-uck do you know about the Ramones — you musically illiterate twit!”

    Well, nothing. But, isn’t it sad that he died?

    Thanks for the coverage.

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey no worries

    Geeks know, lovers hey ho.

  6. tokyo goat’s avatar

    So I wonder if the Johnny Ramone and Dr Dre collaborations will ever be released for public scrutiny….??

  7. Anonymous’s avatar

    Johny’s gone to Bitburgh. Sad day for all of us who stalled at 3 chords.

  8. Anonymous’s avatar

    The West said that Eddie Vedder, Rob Zombie and the guy from the Chilli Peppers were ‘by his bedside’. Does this mean they were with him when he died? And if so, isn’t that a bit gross?


  9. Anthony’s avatar

    Trust me, you don’t want to be 10 minutes late for these things.

    Fuck, now I am depressed.

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    Nah pop your sympathy elsewhere. I’ve just been over to Back Pages and a comment of mine has just been referred to as “brilliant” by Peter Ransen and Aussie Bob. Chuffed chuffed chuffed – this doesn’t happen often – champagne credits for next month.

  11. tokyo goat’s avatar

    which name are you posting under over there??

  12. Anthony’s avatar

    the “brilliant”one. small a anthony, (eek lawyers) no to be confused with big A Anthony. I’d get more comments on my comments but people just don’t seem to use the word “twat” anymore.

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