Weekend Lunch

Lunch seems to have replaced the boss coming for dinner as the template anxiety situation.

Loaf of ciabatta from Jean-Claudes, tomato, avocado, lettuce, shaved beef, mild sopresso, pan fried Cretan haloumi cheese, and some olive oil and pepper. Not at home like I thought they’d be- tapenade and sardines; should stock up. Also there, were Eagle Vale olives which are grown up near Geraldton but can now be bought at Farmer Jacques in Subiaco. Best olives from memory I’ve bought.

Little guest made very welcome.



  1. Santos’s avatar


    please explain halloumi to me. all i ever learned about halloumi is from vogue entertaining, and it tells me it is squeaky, salty and good fried. can’t get it here, difficult to find in l.a.

    little guest looks relieved that someone finally screwed his head back on.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Here’s something I wrote earlier on Haloumi that might help. Can’t work out why they don’t have it, get down to the deli and assert.

    The little bloke is hilarious, you should see him act in synch the entirety of Monsters Inc.

  3. Santos’s avatar

    oh no, don’t talk to the nutter at the local deli, every time he looks at me i can’t tell if he wants to sell me into white slavery or make me the new luncheon meat special. the fact that he’s eleventy really doesn’t help.

    is haloumi cow, sheep or goat milk based?

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Sheep and or goat, the lean Greek/Cretan terrain favours these animals over grass hungry cows (Minotaurs excepted).

  5. s’s avatar

    I believe haloumi is also the traditional cheese of Cyprus (usually sheep’s milk there), ‘wrapped’ with oregano or dried mint.

    Gosh I love that stuff and now I want some. No haloumi in the fridge, but there’s a hard yellow danish style cheese..and lemons a plenty….hmm, methinks saganaki might win over cheese on toast tonight.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Saint
    You’re right and apologies to any Cypriots out there.
    Well done on the recent big league plugs and a good opportunity to say your moniker makes me smile because of this fine piece of machinery.

  7. s’s avatar

    Way cool Anthony! I more than smiled when I checked out the link as I was thinking about buying a new car as I was driving home tonight. And wondering if there was something that would fit the criteria of second hand, sensible but classy…

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    It’s you and I’ll be over to comment on the Madonna-Kaballah post, once I think of something suitably good to say in response.

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