IMBB?8 Food and Booze

Short term wagon boy is sitting this Is My Blog Burning? out. I’d recommend getting over there in a day or two to see what people have done with two of the five pillars of a good life.

Apologies, and for those who wouldn’t dream of visiting another food blog out of burning loyalty, here are some things from the archives: Beef and Stout Stew with Scone of Scone; Beef Bourguignon; and Deep Fried Wine with a Champagne Batter.

it’s up: IMBB?8 round up. Cheers to “There’s a Chef in my Kitchen” for hosting.


  1. Santos’s avatar

    oh gwan then, i submitted the damned cherry marys, send donna the link to this post.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Those cherry mary’s are mandatory reading. Hmmm my post is just a rehash which is against the rules, whereas the event is educational which provides utility. Kant decide. Oh alright then.

  3. Jeanne’s avatar

    Against the rules??? And that’s a problem because… ?? Besides, I think the deep-fried red wine was worthy of an IMBB entry anyway! Mine was a bit chaotic and particularly ironic in light of the safety hints I posted previously…

    Also meant to tell you I liked the Terry Pratchett allusion in the Scone of Scone post… Not to mention the BB allusion in the Milkmaids of Human Kindness… I need to get out more!

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Fondues not to be placed near synthetic curtains. Will be back to finish your great and epic post on Champagne & Cheese*, once I find my reading chair. Like the can-do spirit, you will escape the narcotic grasp of consumerism.

    Yep yep Saint Billy indeed, but the Pratchett one didn’t know. “scone” is slang for for a “head” yeah. Love Pratchett novels – ooh look out literati- oh no just found it on a bus, rubbish really.

    *Come on, could have snuck a Chianti in there for the linguists.

  5. Jeanne’s avatar

    The Scone of Stone is rather central to “The Fifth Elephant” – very funny. You can find out more here:

    Then there is the real Stone of Scone up in Scotland… The possibilitites for allusions are just endless!

  6. Anonymous’s avatar

    i agree with jeanne that the deep fried wine deserves entry on its own. talk about wine or spirits as a central component–without the wine and champagne, you’d just have donuts.

  7. Anonymous’s avatar

    Ah… if I’m the host then I guess I get to set the rules… or amend them… or just throw them out?! These are great… and for many of us, this will be our first visit to spiceblog. Its as good as if its a brand new post! You’re a star for joining in. (…even if you are a rule breaker… heh, heh, heh…!)
    Donna in Harrisburg, There’s a Chef in My Kitchen

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    Wellllllll I guess so then but if the social fabric is torn apart by this transgression, then upon your heads be it.

  9. J. Allen Brown’s avatar

    hey hey yoyu should really check out my blog titled “Wanna get that blog seen” you’d enjoy it…

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    j. you’re going to have to give us a reason or it’s link whoring.

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    and now I think about it more the comment does work well as an ironic parody, first point still stands though.

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