trompe l’oeuf

Eggs can prevent blindness.

Marketing shouldn’t find it too hard to focus a campaign on wankers, should they?

and while I’m all snarky like, can we have a comprehension test on the following; “No sauce” “To have here” “No icing sugar on the pancakes”. Hellooo Hellooo.

chest wig, gold medallions…: from the consistently fascinating BARISTA


  1. Anonymous’s avatar

    Customer-to-McDonalds-employee translation.

    No sauce: ‘I’m a communist agitator. If I can get away with this, I’ll smash the place up and steal all the napkins.’
    To have here: ‘I need a bag to carry it to the table in, please.’
    No icing sugar on the pancakes: ‘I don’t want to enjoy my meal because I’m on a diet. Why don’t you put the sugar on anyway so I can be angry at you?’


  2. teddles_russ’s avatar

    Damn, nearly didn’t see this post. Lucky I’ve got a Scotch meatloaf in the oven. There are now wayyyyyyyyyy too many bad images parading past my mind’s eye for me to ever be able to enjoy it…

  3. Zoe’s avatar

    Hows about: “How did madam find her dessert?” “Madam’s waiter put it on the table in front of her.”

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    eeek we don’t mention “The Scottish Restaurant” here [turns around three times, spits over shoulder].
    Apropos, Scotch Meatloaf! There’s nothing worn under the kilt so you’ll be right.
    No for the waiter “like” is used as “what did you think of”… oh never mind.

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