Hellborne to Melbourne.

Last time I went to Melbourne it was full of men in stretchy boots, trams and Valiants, people drank beer from king browns and I picked myself up a snazzy bowling shirt. 1992, what a year, I wonder if things have changed?

I’m over for a week in two weeks time for the Melbourne Marathon* and will be having a sensible time before that and some serious catch-up boozing after.

I’m after the inside skinny from Melbourne readers out there on any of the following: must go food places, highbrow/lowbrow; kulcha must dos; good second hand bookstores/music stores; scooter rental place; funky shoppin’ – bric a brac/clothing; a decent vegetarian place (pre-race goodness) or anything of note really.

Much appreciated. I’ve already scored a dinner invite (you know who you are) if anyone (hellooo Andrew Bolt) would like to meet up, mail me.

*Training progress as a man of action detailed in odd brother site – vanishing pointless.


  1. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    Well, since 1992 they have made:
    – a Museum (which is next to the old Exhibition Building). It’s worth a look.
    – a new Exhibition Building (Jeff’s Shed, which is where something else used to be, on the Yarra). Unfortunately you will not be in time for Sexpo. And you missed the Beer Festival.
    – a casino (next to Jeff’s Shed). If you are old there is some special deal where you pay $5 and go there for lunch and some pokies, or something. My old Spanish neighbour used to do that, but last week he collapsed there and now he is dead. So I’d be careful…
    – an Aquarium (which is across the Yarra from the casino and costs too much to get in. My son wet his pants with excitement when he saw a live Nemo in a tank there, which he will be reminded of when he turns 21 next week, no I mean in 2021)
    – a foody/shoppy place on the river (Southgate, which is next to the casino). There are some quite decent restaurants there.
    – and they renovated the National Gallery (quite nice, but sometimes big sheets of glass fall from the heavens).

    There’s also other galleries and arty stuff. You know.

    What else? Daimaru came and went. Other shops come and go. All is impermanence. David Jones just redid their foodhall a few weeks ago. They have lots of cheese. Speaking of cheese this is worth a visit. Trendy people spend too much for funky 2nd hand clothes in Greville St, Prahran.

    As for restaurants, well that requires some thought.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Oi cheers matey, getting all worked up about the trip now. Leave the restaurants for now, I’ll let you get back to prime thought project.

  3. Santos’s avatar

    hey anthony

    don’t know if you’d be interested, but shepherd fairey (is that a great name or *what*?!) from obey giant has a solo exhibition at outré gallery (249-251 Elizabeth St).
    skating propaganda art/commerce. that sort of stuff.

    waiting to hear from mon ami mod daniel, who rides with a scooter club in melbourne….

  4. James’s avatar

    I’ve been to Melbourne with work a couple of times this year. Of the two places I can recommend, neither had GREAT food, but they were nonetheless good.

    The Arintji Cafe Bar had a great atmosphere and good food at reasonable – though upmarket – prices. According to Citysearch, Arintji is the restaurant many Melbourne restaurateurs have been aiming for, but missed.

    The Deanery
    The meal was terrific and the wine selection was excellent. Given that we had representatives from all states of Australia, each of those of us from the wine producing states were asked to select some local favourites which seemed to work out pretty well. A really good venue with a well-considered design. And since we had a room to ourselves, we were able to keep ourselves nice without worrying the other patrons.

  5. husky9’s avatar

    Hi anthony, melbourne marathon ….sound fun….heard that melbourne has a good range of cafe

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Thanks. Exhibition sounds up my alley. Rods and Mockers! – as my older British friend would say.
    Thanks also. I’ll keep them both in mind, carbos before, wine after.
    fun fun fun happy happy happy

  7. FXH’s avatar

    Can you give us a few clues – what suburb will you be camping in?

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    Clifton Hill. Don’t know the suburb myself, just know it’s near the city and there’s a bed there.

  9. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    There are beds in every suburb. You’ll be amazed!

  10. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    This place is close to Clifton Hill, and vegetarianish, and healthy and stuff. For some reason I don’t like it much, but others rave about it.

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    Beds in every suburbs for a smooth talking young buck like yourself, me I’m staying with the ex-pres of the WA Young Nationals (when they were cool mind).

    I’ve always (alright just then) wanted to start of Moroccan-Mexican restaurant and call it Morocco Mole.

  12. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    How about a MexItalian restaurant at the MCG called the Mole Roman Umpire?
    Can you tell I should be working?

  13. FXH’s avatar

    How about “Tequila Mo(ro)ccan Bird”

  14. Anthony’s avatar

    Back to work. Took a disagreeably long time to work that out but I’ve heard it had neither mole, romans or umpires.
    A sandwich shop called Moroccan Roll?
    Ermm further to previous point – personal Melb reccos best. I’m kind of assuming anyone here must have vaguely similar tastes or be very understanding.

  15. Anonymous’s avatar

    Hubby and I had a night in the city during the year..we’re from out in the Dandenong Ranges..so going to the city is a bit of a trek… but we found a pretty good restaurant called Oyster on Lt Bourke…also a Melbourne institution is the Bennets Lane Jazz Club…cool music…no dickheads and if you get lucky..a NAME!! no a bad idea to phone ahead for a ticket..cause they do fill up if its a popular artist..enjoy your trip to Melbourne!!

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