Painting by Numbers

Gah I’m cream crackered, here go amuse yourselves. Best picture wins a meat tray. Colours below.

1. Fuchsia ; 2 Gainsboro; 3 Ghostwhite; 4 Gold; 5 Goldenrod; 6 Gray; 7 Green; 8 Greenyellow; 9 Honeydew; 10 Hotpink; 11 Indianred; 12 Indigo; 13 Ivory; 14 Khaki; 15 Lavender; 16 Lemonchiffon; 17 Chartreuse.

Game on! Mark! santos!.

Late, Great: spicycow. Warning! not for gentle meat comes from the supermarket folk.

Starving Artist: David has a beautiful vision in his auspicious piece, The Technicolour Ox is Patient and Strong and Will Graze in the Surplus Money of his Sound Fiscal Management (I’m guessing on the title ; )



  1. Anonymous’s avatar

    I have important stuff to do tomorrow, you know – but now I’m going to waste my whole day colouring in a meatcow. Dammit!!


  2. Anthony’s avatar

    You’re angry? I got a right shellacking from the missus after she finished getting crayon off the screen.

  3. Anonymous’s avatar

    Here it is :)


  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Wow that’s tops(ide). Other readers had best get very busy or the meat tray goes south.

  5. Santos’s avatar

    [scribbling furiously]


  6. Santos’s avatar

    not that i’m saying anything about me, ’cause i’m not, but xena herders don’t really have much call for meat trays. i vote for mark!

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    The judge is maintaing a stony silence for a little while longer, apparently an entire Primary school Reykjavik is busy sharpening their pencils.

    Very noble Santos but don’t sell yourself short yet – there’s a bit of last minute lobbying by Richard Hamilton. Oh what’s that Prince Charles, you like the other one.

  8. Anonymous’s avatar

    LOL. I concede defeat. That’s amazing work, Santos – you’ve raised the bar*


    *Although, you have to admit, the bar was pretty darn low to begin with.

  9. Santos’s avatar

    um, actually, i conceded before you. looks like we both are having trouble stooping so low.

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    Oh for pete’s sake, it’s like a Japanese rap duel here.
    I declare it a tie. Mark, you win some tasty steaks with the option of dinner with a lady friend of choice. Santos you win next month’s copy of Delicious if you can email a postal address.
    Kids too bad.

  11. Robert’s avatar

    Good. Now that the colouring competition’s out of the way, let’s get down to business

  12. Anthony’s avatar

    Ahahahahahahaha. The horror! Hirst is in!

  13. Santos’s avatar

    if you wanted hirstian, you should have said so.

  14. Anthony’s avatar

    Wow-sheared the original as well. No flies on you ; )

  15. Anonymous’s avatar

    ROFL – made my day, guys :P


  16. Anthony’s avatar

    Mark, just saw David’s one. I am in awe. Best goddamn readers in the world.

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