A Run

Packing for the plane tonight and having a small ironic smile that something that was supposed to be a counterpoint to my regular persona has returned to where I started. With food.

The body will burn up breakfast in the first hour of running. It will be relying on stored glycogens from carbohydrates , after that it’s oxygen consuming fat, then protein, then the legs start to wobble and then you are rooted. Success is not on strength but eating. I’ll be taking advantage of the sports drinks, using a variety of carbo shots, and bananas. The next few days will be a high carb low fat fuck you to Atkins.

If you are in Melbourne , I’d suggest taking a look at the Marathon and giving a cheer for the runners. It’s amazing how much work a little encouragement from a stranger can do. Post-celebration late risers don’t worry too much, it doesn’t start until 8am. Take some lollies too.

Yosh! Ganbarimasu!

PS Is it true that whoever in Melbourne you show your medal to must buy you the drink of your choice?

What I don’t need: Reasons You Will Hate Me: Come to my party. No, seriously.


  1. FXH’s avatar

    I have it on good authority that Sedgewick will be dressing up in a kilt, getting onkus ponkus on Guiness and tackling you as you run past the Espy.

  2. Robert’s avatar

    Hey Anthony, good luck in the marathon, you mad bugger.

    Reckon you can stop by Sticky and pick me up something interesting to read? I’ll pay you back next week.

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    Eeeeek. Should be plodding past St Kilda some time past 11 should His Excellency wish to add to the vast ludicrousness of the whole thing event. BTW [becomes shy] if you’ve time for a bevvy, you’ve my e-mail.

    No worries. I think we’ll all be looking for some relaxing down timers after this weekend.

  4. Anonymous’s avatar

    We are in the vice regal white pages, young fella me runner. As they say, use it or lose it.

    Lord Sedgwick of Strathmore.

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    Your Lordship, you startled me. I will do.

  6. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Good luck with the marathon. Just hope it’s not too hot or humid during the race. Ganbatte!

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    Thanks Reid. With Melbourne it will be hot humid cold cloudy sunny and raining. Don’t ask me how.

  8. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    “Is it true that whoever in Melbourne you show your medal to must buy you the drink of your choice?”
    Either that or it gets you whacked by an underworld identity. Can’t remember which.
    It was warmish today. It was coldish yesterday. At this stage it’s too close to call…

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    Underworld hit offers dramatic plot twist of stopping bullet. I’ll take my chances.

    Anyway back to packing, now where did I leave that passport…

  10. Anonymous’s avatar

    Woohoo!! Bring me back a felafel, ok?

  11. Anonymous’s avatar


  12. Anonymous’s avatar

    Devo, Devo, Devo,

    Both possibly in the throws of a life-crisis – but I like to flatter myself it’s an early life crisis – rather than a mid-life one – may you run with the lightness of a gazelle and the swiftness of a leopard – and may my rope last the 135m distance safely to the ground. I gather by the tone of your email response that you won’t be joining me on my spiderwoman descent down the face of Allendale??????????

    Enjoy Melbourne – hope you find a foodie heaven over there post-run to satiate a well earned appetite.

    Good luck,


  13. Kate’s avatar

    Good luck Anthony!

  14. Anonymous’s avatar

    Wouldn’t a decent fry up sort you out for 26 miles and the little bit? All the best, hope you don’t die.


  15. Anthony’s avatar

    Cheers all.
    Mark – you want garlic sauce with that?
    Anna – AMOA says that as he cannot do whatever a spider can he may use the lift.
    Kate – luck is coming in for the weather 23 and fine .
    Pieman – there will be the thought of many bad things to keep me alive.

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