Melbourne Drinks – don’t need booze to have a good time.

Hitting the front in the Melbourne Macchiato Glamourthon is this number from the GroceryBar . Strong geometric line. Like. Good service too and nicely runny poached eggs.

Just in all round impressiveness was the Virgin Mary appearing before me at the Gin Palace for Sonya’s birthday drinks. Comes not only with a gigantic piece of celery but its own film maker. All the best Greg Williams.

Way out of synch chronologically (redundancy?) but more posted when I return the land of sand.

Beer at the Young and (now there’s an unfortunate combo) Jackson pub that I didn’t drink.

Hey it’s those eggs:


  1. tokyo goat’s avatar

    $3.50 coffee like those above are so appealing to me. Was just about to do the old trick of comparing J yen pricing and coffee offerings but stopped myself just in time.

  2. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    $3.50? Whatcha talking about Mr Goat?
    The day I spend $3.50 for a coffee in Melbourne is …
    the day that coffee costs between 50c and $1 more than it does now (north of the Yarra anyway).
    Or I guess it might be the day that I go to Starbucks.
    A COLD day, you know where.

  3. Robert’s avatar

    Mmm… Macchiato…

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    I feel out of touch, I can’t remember how much coffee was. I think once you’ve had the sticker shock of $7 burendo cohi – all seems reasonable.

  5. tokyo goat’s avatar

    burendo cohi and friggin’ amerikan cohi all blow large chunks and irritate me to irrational levels.
    Anthonyj, you were right. I was taking a shot at the price. A “trendy” place in Brisbane 7 years ago was $2.50 so I added 50 cents for the years and 50 cents for the Melbourne factor…Ah well….matters naught. Gonna post a pic soon of Kirins new beer. Appears a bit random to announce on this topic but all shall be revealed.

  6. tokyo goat’s avatar

    …and a comment on Starbucks. I used to take pride when announcing to all the merkans over here that Australia doesn’t “do” Starbucks. That being until I came back… AHH…who let those bastards in here. Don’t need ’em. Tokyo needed them and still does however.

  7. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    FWIW a look at Lygon St Starbucks usually conjures up some schadenfreude. It is less than bustling.
    Apropos of Kirin, does Japan still have those ‘fermented malt beverages’ or whatver they are, that are beer(-ish) but cheaper?
    Hope you had a nice flight, Spiceman.

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    I will argue that for *Japan* starbucks was a good thing as it was innovative and could be countered with an efficient and local corporate response. For Australia, large scale monopolistically aggressive capitalism might lead to large scale species extinction of from that which is inferior in every other sense other pure economic survival. Capitalistic Cheerleaders will be thrilled, small c capitalists like myself will shake our heads. Melbourne has a rudely healthy coffee culture to protect itself, Perth is suspicious of change and outsiders. Is QLD once more the Cane Toad capital?

    Happonshuu faux beer – can fool some of the people all of the time.

    Flight was AOK, but the streets of Perth just seemed all that bit less adventurous

  9. Anonymous’s avatar

    Wait a minute. It’s looks like beer, tastes a bit like beer, but it’s *not* beer? What part of barley, malt and hops was costing so much that they had to do without it?! Perhaps it’s made from cabbage…


  10. Anthony’s avatar

    Nah that was a real beer, pale ale or something and, word has it it, it tasted real good. As for happonshu, it’s some kind of malt liquor that qualifies for a lower tax rate under some unusual pork barrelling Japenses excise – tastes like shit, smells like shit, and is shit. I think the fraud was it was sold as unusually cheap “draft” at restaurants. “Shu” means liquor, and “happon” means if you happon to buy some, you’re an idiot.

  11. Anonymous’s avatar

    JAPAN: Monthly beer sales up, happoshu dives
    10 Mar 2004
    Source: editorial team

    Thought this would please you all!

  12. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    Mmm runny eggs. Might head out for an eggs benedict.
    The thing about happoshu as I recall is that it tastes like some of the cheaper dismal American brands, which also get away with using corn syrup or rice malt instead of barley. Budweiser is one of those. But at least in Japan they have the decency not to call it beer.
    Glad to hear it’s losing popularity though. I mean, real beer’s not *that* expensive there.

  13. tokyo goat’s avatar

    Happoshu results in the most evil hangovers that can be experienced. Anthony could vouch for this and speaks volumes on the topic

  14. Anthony’s avatar

    Aargh yes happo(n)shu

    Thanks masked commenter – evidence of some sanity in the world. Hope shines

    Anthony- enjoy your eggs and stop calling me benedict. I think some Japanese beers use flour for smoothness (ichiban shibori?). Beer is rarely too exepnsive.

    Andrew – I’d have to remove a few variables to prove causality. As for volume it did show up as nomihodai “beer” of choice. I think it went along the lines of
    “oiiiiiii Daijoki -mitsu kudasai!”

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