Melbourne – city of buildings

Melbourne isn’t a Bridge and Opera House place like Sydney. Its charms lie in long chains of buildings and villages. Social more than individual. Two standouts.

Federation Square.

Makes one proud to be Bulgarian, come back Christo, all is forgiven.

Luna Park Entrance.

Exit less popular.


  1. tokyo goat’s avatar

    Luna Park is in St Kilda ‘aint it??

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Ahmm to the best of my knowledge. Yep.

  3. Anonymous’s avatar

    NGV and Fed Square are awesome. Melbourne’s architecture in general is a cut above WA’s concrete tilt-up / Hayshed / phallic belltower type thing – my favourite bit (did you see it?) is the ‘cheese stick’ and the ‘comb’ in the freeway.


  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Still kicking myself for not seeing the Man Ray exhibition – long story. FedSq is, erm well unfortunate, I think the concept was “walking in on parents having sex”.

    Perth is, I’m afraid to say, a shite city in a great location. There’s about one building I’d lay down in front of a bulldozer for and that’s it.

  5. Anonymous’s avatar

    Dammit, I sink into myself and work and politics and Getting Over the Election and you come to town and I don’t notice.

    Dammit dammit dammit. And Luna Park is like sooooo close.

    – david tiley

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    You know I did think of popping off an email, but being a shy sort…never mind I’ll be back and sooner than my last visit in ’91. Met a Greg Williams who spoke very highly of you.

  7. Andrew’s avatar

    As a 3-year old melbournite, I have to say federation square is but one of the many architectural highlights of Melbourne. The Royal Exhibition Building has recently been granted World Heritage Status by UN(ESCO) (and is the first such site in Australia). Also see various theatres, city hall, etc…. in the city.

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