Melbourne – friends and strangers you haven’t met yet

Dinner on the Monday night with the His Excellency the Semi Visible Governor General of Australia Sedgwick and his wife at Akita Japanese restaurant in North Melbourne. Too much food to mention and it was *all* good, especially the quail. GG’s have much to teach us about protocol and manners with the following – gifts, bottle of wine waiting and poured on arrival, capital Q quality conversation, and a lift back to Clifton Hill.

Tuesday was a meeting for lunch and food shopping at the Vic Markets with commenter and master linguist Anthony and his two little tackers. The Vic Markets are humongous and are broken up into parts of deli, fruit and veg, meat, and the other bit must be where they sell crystals and stuff. Short hint for dealing with four year olds – how was your day Q&A is fine but the hand formed death ray dodging crab monster will have ya mates for life. Anthony took off to cook the market booty and I grabbed some blueberries, tart things, and marscapone for dessert. 1:59, one minute before closing is not the time to do this – cinderella! Dinner at his was tops with Gado Gado (twin) and the Rendang (two stroke) cooked up a treat with must buy L shaped wok stirrer and apostrophe shaped Indonesian volcanic pestle (photos in analogue). Off to the pub for afters.

Thanks too to the spectral FX Holden whose advice led me around Melbourne like a de-constituted Obi Wan. For the other hinters – cheers you saved me from wandering around god help me with Lonely Planet .

Our hosts, Mitch and Peg who let us stay in their flash pad barely two weeks moved in to. Many many thanks.


  1. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Great looking sushi and sashimi you had there. How was the rendang and gado gado? Would love to see pics! The dessert looks yummy too!

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    The gado gado and the rendang were superb. I liked the fried tempeh with the gado gado and the rendang had the crumbly beef and paste like sauce that makes it all good. Anthony is a bit more hardened to this and kept the chillies to about half of what they should be.
    The dessert was a piece of cake – just gently whipped marscapone with some maple syrup then strawberries and fresh blueberries. The ingredients did all the work.

  3. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    Actually I was pretty pleased by the rendang. It’s something that (I think) most restaurants in Oz don’t do quite right, probably because they do a wimpier Malay or Singaporean version which is too runny. But it doesn’t photograph well, looking as it does like a big steaming pile of buffalo doo-doo. (Mmmmmm!)
    The tempeh should have been in thinner, crispier slices. But hindsight would make a great chef.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    It’s dish that was made for radio.

    Hindsight is the bridesmaid of perfection.

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