Flies off handle

Go read some Hobbes (no not that one) and you are soon dispensed of any cozy notion of natural rights so sometimes you gotta fight (no not that one either). Two things getting the hands spat on in what should be a calming blog genre.

The line is drawn..


  1. Anonymous’s avatar

    You have to love Hobbes for being such a crank, don’t ya? Him and Schopenhauer are two of the most charmingly pessimistic bastards in history.(/nerd)

    I can’t believe PETA would do shit like that. *This is why joining political parties and lobby groups is a bad idea*


  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Hobbes Hobbes Hobbes. Love him and really should go back and read him because I may have molded him into my own wishful thinking over the years. Takes a bit to get into the “if thee hayve a doggye” stuff. I like him cause he wipes the board and says except for the right to protect yourself the rest is a matter to sort out with your sovereign whoever or whatever that might be. No easy business but a whole heap better than the divine right of kings and much better than whiney “property rights” folks. Ha! Without some mind of organising authority, unless you’ve own the USS Nimitz, they aint jack. I like Rawls’ veil of ignorance for much the same reasons. Both have fabulous recipes for beef hotpot. Take that Peter Singer.
    Yes PETA, don’t get me wrong I actually have a great deal of respect for vegetarians but the sheep whing is just nutty and they really need someone in there setting them straight and that’s why we join political parties and lobby groups (plus the opportunity to go to even more meetings).

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