Timbale Quotient

Modified from Recherch&#233 Entr&#233es by C. Hermann Senn



  1. Anthony’s avatar

    oi there’ll be no subversion of the testing paradigm around here young lady and I don’t care how extremely amusing it is.

  2. FXH’s avatar

    As part of my post 9/10 rehab I’ve addressed you directly over at my place. I’m seeking helpful stuff on doing American Spare Ribs.

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    I’m not telling until you can give me the next in the series. No? Oh alright then, I’ll go and comment.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    comments. Hey are you sure that Haloscan thing is a good idea?

  5. FXH’s avatar

    Next in series?

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    the next timbale.

  7. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    D. But I think it’s a fez.

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    Doesn’t a Fez need a tail?

    D. Yes I think so as it represents a return to the circles and a change to the zig-zags. A. was tempting for those tired of zig zags and looking for something a bit wavier and we all like Jeff.

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