Monteith’s Summer Ale

Wooh! I can get back to Friday beer specials.

Down at the IBS and saw this bit of alluring marketing for Monteith’s Rata Honey & spice flavoured Summer Ale from NZ.

This uniquely different beer is real summer refreshment with a spicy zest

It’s a gorgeous day here, I was sold. Rob at the shop suggested Thai but I just heated up some vege curry puffs.

First thing I noticed was a whiff of ginger like drinking home-brewed ginger ale and then the actual taste was well within the parameters of normal larger in bite. Perhaps a little peppery but very little honey. It’s really really good. Four different malts! If you try one beer this summer etc.



  1. Anonymous’s avatar

    If only I worked in a bottle-o that stocked such rarities. At the moment, the most exotic thing we have is Mark ‘Chopper’ Read’s signature 6% lager, which has all the sophistication of the man himself :P If you get a chance, though, have a look out for the 500mL Hansa beers and tell me what you think.



  2. tokyo goat’s avatar

    don’t know about all these fancy boutique beers but will continue to learn to live with my mixed feelings. Especially if I plan to revisit Belgo or Frigo again. Places I’d like to call from here on in the Conundrum Dungeons. Got to love a place that has the menu catergories: “Beer Menu” and “Other Beer Menu.”
    Anthony, I am trusting you remember these places well. My memory has a rather foggy and faded image of us at one time being there.

    …and how is it that all your pics look so fackin’ good. What wizardry are you deploying?

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    Look push this stuff with your boss and when nobody buys we’ll both swoop on it at heavily discounted prices. Sweet.

    Yeah I remember them. At Shinjuku wasn’t there that salaryman trying to lure his date past the last train time and into “well we’d better get a love hotel then”? There was another one I went to in Shibuya with flash Dave McLelland.
    Soft natural lighting seems to do the trick, that was taken at a window at about 5:30 – no flash, on macro, on a tripod. And a blush for the compliment. I think my camera’s on the way out – it’s been chucking hissy fits with the cards. Seen any good deasl over there – have they all traded in their D100s yet?

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Oh sorry Hansa Pils. If I’m right it’s the North German beer version of EB and riduculously cheap over there. Drunk by some large nosed hot-rodding character that speaks in a Northern dialect. My German hosts laughed at it but they could be really snobby guys, they almost made me take off the fake fur trim on my bomber jacket and said I looked liked Robert Smith. Vixxer! I’m getting some to spite them.

  5. tokyo goat’s avatar

    indeed, the D100’s are expected to be on the shelf soon. I’ll try to remember to have a squiz went out and about. Need to be a bit careful or might find my own interest in one on the up but I have to keep reminding myself: I don’t need it, Wouldn’t know how to use it, Learn my own camera first, Until I know through personal experience what it is that my current camera can’t do I don’t need an upgrade. So far the current one is still kicking enough butt to keep me happy and it still ‘aint fully paid for anyways. (bought a shutter release remote cord for it today, by the way)

  6. Anonymous’s avatar

    EB? It’s not *that* bad. You just have to work out how the value-for-money ratio on a calculator and remind yourself that you’re getting drunker for cheaper.


  7. Anthony’s avatar

    Aye just a peek but it may be too late as my camera is in its last dying days I’m sure. Remote cable? For the tripod or are you still posting nude pics of yourself?

    As I’ve argued before, no beer is intrinsically bad, it’s just a matter of context. Topically, I did enjoy my coupke of middies of Swan Draft at the Nookenburrah tonight – there’s not a lot fo complexity but there is a kind of gappy flavour bar code that rings my bell.
    If it’s pissed you’re after – cask port, or better still, a flagon of sherry – chill it and pretend you’re Ernest Hemingway.

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