One Cup, Several Links

Here’s a fine pic of some bad stuff by a Mr. T. Goat of Ikebukuro, Tokyo

nectar of the ….homeless

Big fave of the unfortunate and lengthy slow train riders. It has struck me before me that it makes for a great sounding private dick/ superhero name, Johnny One-Cup. I can see it now…

Johnny Noguchi leant over the body of another fresh victim and peeled the lid back off the first Ozeki One Cup of the day.

“How can you drink that shit?”

“How can I not?”

Anyway folks it continues – a common thread of Lion Mansions and single women over 25, the suspect being a delivery man delivering seasonal treats from throughout Japan as a door opener, a tiny clue earlier on with a long line outside of Tokyo’s swishest newest Italian Resataurants, a run-in with his former kohei at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department after being busted nicking posters from train stations, long irrelevant details on ramen shops and yakitori bars…did I mention the Shinagawa branch of Opus Dei?


crazybrave states what her guests have no doubt suspected for some time.

Blognite tomorrow. I’m making nigiri sushi for reasons unclear to myself and the organisers.

Do on Saturday night for Sudan.

Backsides trackside at Wanneroo as foodie fusspot makes his two pot return to track days after four long years. But will my leathers fit?


  1. tokyo goat’s avatar

    the stuff is evil Anthony but is a definite possibility if ..say…it were a Tuesday or Wednesday in the week of Cherry Blossoms and the official company o-hanami is scheduled for Friday. You’ve finished work on time, you’re on your way home and you find yourself walking past small groups of J people gathering under clumps of Sakura trees. You’re there by yourself but feel compelled to be part of the fleeting moment without necessarily joining in. Will I ….won’t I…..”ahhh where you from?” you hear…ahh fack you’re in. Some salary man hands you an air temperature OZEKI. What are you going to say??

  2. tokyo goat’s avatar

    btw Johnny One-Cup is pretty fackin’ funny….

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    Kampai? Yeah the cherry blossom brings out the best in people – here please have 2.5 litres of liquor and some squid.
    Doesn’t One Cup come in warm from the vending machine as well?

    Johnny One-Cup? One endorsement is all I need, calling the publishers, tomorrw.

  4. Duncan Wierman’s avatar

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