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Perth succeeds or fails on the effort put in to make things work and last night it succeeded. Just a quick post to say thanks to the organisers speakers and the attendant and attentive crowd that came along.

Check em out here at Perth Blognite – Speakers (check out their sites and link (there’s rivers of gold)) or David’s done a write up with pics.

Few technical details… The nigirisushi toppings were unagi (eel), salmon, maguro (tuna), and rolled egg with a nori filling. The knife was a yanagibocho long sashimi knife and is sharpened with a #1000 and #3000 (to finish) sharpening stone that I soak in water. The rice should be at room temperature, cooked in a rice cooker with an equal amount of water that’s been brought up to a simmer only with a piece of konbu. Keep the hands from getting sticky with a bowl of vinegared water.

Cheers for the questions all and thanks for letting me in and putting up with me. You all R O C K.

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and in a special portraiture usually reserved for people of such estemity as Dolly Downer – Minister for Foreign Affairs, Lord Sedgwick of Strathmore makes beer spout from my nose.


  1. Jeanne’s avatar

    Looks like fun! One question though… Was the weather warm (the shorts) or cold (the beanie)??? Or is this a post-modern Perth fashion statement? ;-)

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    I am 100% pure pastiche and contradiction. That troublesome fashion time of no longer winter but not yet summer. The beanie was to keep my hair out of the food (yuk) coz my sushi chef hat makes me look like a thunderbird puppet and shorts are comfy.

    The night was fun and Quality – laughs and good brainy stuff. A credit to all involved especially the visionary organisational 3.

  3. Lord Sedgwick’s avatar

    … and here’s one I prepared earlier.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Sedge, you put the excellence into excellency. : )

  5. Lord Sedgwick’s avatar

    Apart from the typo which has been crudely fixed … then again I’m partial to crudités.

    (Partial to Akita too, where we’ll be again next Fri.)

  6. Anonymous’s avatar

    Oh man. Stuff came out of Robert Corr’s ear and I missed it. I hate when that happens.


  7. Anthony’s avatar

    Typos ain’t no crime, if they were this joint would have been shut down a long time ago. Have a good one ay Akita – being regular is a great virtue in Japan.

    Mark – and then when I produced his wristwatch from the egg the whole place exploded. Hey where where you – not busy fussing whether bogan is a class or attribute shirley?

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    oops, that should be “a regular” (and that Mr Watanabe, is why we have articles)

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