Marmalade & Ginger Pork with Sage and Apple Stuffing

Is there something about “trembling swords of pork” in Shakespeare or did I just imagine it in a quiet moment in Lit. class? Unlike over there we have one kind of pork in WA, and that’s pork. Nothing like the organic beef farms and free-range chicken farms. Any venture capitalist want to fund a wild pig farm – speak to me.

Still had a jar of the Grapefruit Marmalade I’d made when Skippy was just a wee lad and I thought it’d be just the thing for a Sunday roast. Bought a 1kg rolled pork roast at the butchers and then unrolled it (a shame, they’d done a nice job) and then marinated it with 2/3 cup of marmalade; 1tbs of grated ginger; 1tbs honey .

Meanwhile I made a stuffing out of a cup fresh breadcrumbs; 2 grated apples; 1tbs fresh sage; 2tbs butter; salt & pepper and rerolled the pork, securing with a skewer and tying with string. Wiped the skin and rubbed it with salt . Stuffing was maybe a bit much but when you’ve seen a band with a trombone and a glokenspiel xylophone the night before, why skimp?

20 minutes at 200C then down to 180C for another one hour and 10 . Now obviously you don’t want some nasty parasitical infestation if you don’t cook it right but that’s no excuse for cooking every last drop of juice out of it. Keep an eye on it, pierce with a skewer. Does it run clear? Does it feel cooked? Does its seats fold down? Give it an extra safe side 10 minutes, take it out and rest it for 10 minutes.

Joined in the roasting pan were kipfler potatoes and two apples cored with a paring knife and filled with the leftover stuffing.

Gravy made of scrapings and equal parts dry cider and chicken stock. Reduced and thickened with cornstarch.

Ahmmm good, like it should be, pork was moist, not salt-cracker dry buffet style. Marmalade taste hangs around for a while, like Stereolab sustains. Some left over for a sandwich tomorrow and that’ll get me through Monday.



  1. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Sounds like a great meal you had there. I’m actually quite jealous as I don’t have the opportunity to cook like that anymore (don’t have anyone to cook for besides myself).

    I can just imagine how the pork tastes with the grapefruit marmalade you made. When cooking pork, I’ve been known to use homemade guava preserves to season the meat. Tastes wonderful.

  2. mik’s avatar

    oh my gosh.

    that sounds sooo frogging good! my mouth is watering…

    i’m cooking a dinner for 5 friends on wednesday, and was planning on doing a roast chook or two and veges. but now i might have to try this recipe instead! it’s my first foray into the roasting of a beast, and i must say i’m a wee bit scared.
    any tips for a budding cordon bleu?

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey isn’t guava a natural tenderiser? Fantastic. : ]…. Eating alone? With that you’d need a pump action to keep out home invaders. Is it a guy thing that we need an audience to cook?

    Cheers. Advice? Just follow the above and you should be OK. Things I missed
    – cook the pork on a rack (or it’ll stew in it’s own fat) or if you don’t have one, a bed of halved apples.
    – the time is about right but check with the skewer. I had it side up and turned it midway through.
    – potatoes were boiled for 10 minutes before putting in the oven.
    – try marinading it from morning or the night before. You may not need the honey, my marmalade was grapefruit so quite sour.
    Good luck. Hope the night goes well for you.

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