Star Anise

Nice work scanner.

Previous photo scanned from a colour reversal photo taken in Augusta.



  1. Manas’s avatar

    The best thing about star anise? It’s in chai tea…Yum.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Nice but the liquorice taste is one of my least favourite tastes – possibly tracing back to some unfortunate evening with ouzo. Seems a shame to have them just sitting around though,

  3. Anonymous’s avatar

    I love liquorice but star anise is not a favourite, except in Chai….have you had High Tea at Leaf in Cottesloe? Very nice sweetie, daarrrling. Nicole (too lazy to sign up)

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Nicole! You make your own soap and you ‘re too lazy to log in to blogger!?

    Tea v. coffee is the one irreconcilable difference between me and Toni (oh two including drum kit) and I haven’t been there but I might take her there when I’m feeling gallant or clocking up some brownie points.

  5. phon’s avatar

    omg, I LOVE star anise. It makes my vietnamese Pho noodle soup come alive. And it’s so fragrant, simply looking at that photo send tingles to my olfactory senses…

  6. Santos’s avatar

    pretty. anise is tops in my book, followed by fennel, then licorice. or, pastis, pernod, then sambuca.

  7. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Star anise smells nice, but the taste is definitely not tops in my book. I do eat pho, which is seasoned with star anise, but I don’t like it if the flavor is too strong.

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    Reid agreed.
    Phon and Santos almost had me going there until Santos mentioned sambucca and then I went pale and had to hold on to something. To my credit, I have never attached flaming sambucca shotglasses to my nipples.

    the Anise makes a nice screen saver so I’ve put a bigger version here for y’all.

    star anise big

  9. Santos’s avatar

    caraway and aquavit, then. thick pork chops, seasoned with sea salt, sage leaf pressed on both sides. place in a blistering hot cast iron pan, sear in its own fat, then flambée in copious amounts of aquavit set aflame. the licorice flavour is a fantastic addition there.

    i am so tempted to change my desktop photo to the star anise but i like mine.

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey hands off the anise for a blog photo, it’s mine I tell ya. Rupert Sheldrake flambe alert, I finished off some kebabs in flaming rum and had the good sense to keep a lid handy this time.

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    Nice pic but do you really want to be pork buns?

  12. Santos’s avatar

    oi, that’s ms.pork bun to you. anyway, that’s a truffle, squidgazer.

  13. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    Last Tuesday I went to a cocktail bar in Oxford with my sister in law (in preparation for the long haul home). It turned out that there was some kind kind of promotional party which meant there were free cocktails and model-y types swooshing round with trays with test-tubes full of of Sambucca and Jägermeister (which were also the basis for the cocktails). Which is all very well but they should have just called it ‘Cough Medicine Night’.
    Though my original point was that not only pho but the whole genre of red-cooking needs star-anise, and plenty of it. It is a fine and noble spice and I won’t hear otherwise.

  14. Anthony’s avatar

    Santos – whoops. Truffle it is (although it could be one of those duck-rabbit perception things)

    Ack. Cough syrup. Some kind of elite faux junky slumming? No offence meant to Star Anise, it’s my own folly that’s at fault.

  15. Anonymous’s avatar

    I can’t find star anise at the asian market. Is fennel an acceptable substitute to make pho?

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