Paw-paw marinated kebabs

Reid over at his site ‘Ono Kine Grindz has had more hot dinners than ahmm. Put it this way, if Hawaii were an atom and restarants were protons then it’s be ooh let’s say ununbium. Anyway, he got me thinking with a guava and pork marinade and, being a member of the reality based community, I thought I’d shore up the experimental method.

Instead of guava, I found paw paw and that’s a natural tenderiser. Just the thing to go with rump steak kebabs. Now when it comes to marinades you’ve got your olive oil and lemon ones; yoghurt; soy based; satay; and then coconut milk ones. Coconut it was and then it was a small tin of coconut cream with a cup of minced paw paw. A tbs of minced ginger for bite and one chopped red chilli for even further bite. Half a cup of shredded coconut for coating texture. All this was mixed in with a near kilo of rump steak – cubed. Left for 6 hours in the fridge.

Skewered and then cooked on a stove top skillet. Still seemed a bit pina coladery but turned it to advantage with an added angle of barcardi rum and flambéd (keep a lid handy in case things get our of hand) to finish. Left to chill in the fridge for an evening picnic.

What an evening. In the Quarry Ampitheatre, carved out limestone, just down the road. The night was clear, amongst the trees, with alluringly tasteful dancing demontrations of a latin nature. I could have well saved myself the skillet and seared them on the pearl underpants of a carnival dancer and grilled them on the exposed thigh of a tango dancer.

The kebabs were ok, tender but lacking a little something – maybe a sauce, but we have to try, and learn.

On topic: Science in the Kitchen. A La Cuisine! Clement does the post I should have done if I’d just stop messing about.

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  1. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for giving me a mention. The kebobs look good! I know that paw paw (we call it papaya here) is a meat tenderizer, but I think the flavor may be too mild to make a marinade out of it. What you may want to consider to making it into a preserve (jam, jelly, etc.) before using it as a marinade so the flavor is more concentrated. Good luck!

  2. Zoe’s avatar


  3. Santos’s avatar

    who is owen and where’s the cake you put in the oven?

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Reid – bingo – it did have a faint taste which left the coconut a bit too dominant.
    Zoe – a coriander something would have been a something. Haven’t worked coriander into top of my head improv schema yet.
    Santos – Owen snappy title of his book, not like this sad sack Owen. Play interferes with work interferes with play. Present simple, it’s a puzzler.

  5. s’s avatar

    I have to admit I find fruit/meat combinations difficult to get “right”. Alternative is to maybe just use the pawpaw for tenderizing and boost flavour with something else.

  6. s’s avatar

    Having said that, the alternative cooking method was fun to imagine.

  7. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    May I make a suggestion? Perhaps you can make a marinade out of papaya and pineapple. That tastes really good!

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    Saint, I think you’re very right and Reid may have the answer. As for the alternative method, indeed. Could be something for the next Perth blog conference.

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