Terror on the kitchen floor. My favourite read ever, Reader’s Digest Book of Strange Stories, Amazing Facts, was compromised by having to turn pages carefully as a kid so I didn’t end up on page 391 and the terrible faces that appeared on a kitchen floor in Belmez in Spain in 1971.

Faces appeared and a medieval cemetery was found underneath AND

these microphones had recorded sounds not audible to the ear-voices speaking strange languages, agonised moans matching the torment in their eyes of the faces on the floor!!!!!

and speaking of horrifying phantom people and agonised moans, Robert Corr is quite the Entertainer.

Bonus RDSSAF pic: Anyone looking for a thumbnail for their DEVO coverband blog, it’s yours.

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  1. Jeanne’s avatar

    Oh my word, I thought my brother and I were the only two people alive who were addicted to that book!!! Wasn’t it fun, being the only 9 year-old who knew what spontaneous human combustion was?? I’m sure there’s a culinary slant in that somewhere…

  2. Anonymous’s avatar

    or the foil wrapped deep frozen person!

    Ha! Ditto. Only person in Muntadgin looking out for bipedal horse shoe prints. Still got my copy.

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    that was, strangely enough, me.

  4. Robert’s avatar

    I can’t claim to be the entertainer. I am merely the Master of Ceremonies, introducing the work of a splendid cast of characters.

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    A sushi chef need not be a tuna and you’re slicing, dicing and roasting with the best of them.

  6. Shaun’s avatar

    I too loved that book from years ago – my mum brought it over recently when they cleaned a cupboard out. Remember the case of the Woman who when in Paris went to get help for sick mother and on her return found her mother had disappeared and the room totally redecorated? or Buster Crabbe, or the club that spends one day a year trying to bring on bad luck, or the noble who spent his life dressed as a woman…

    My kids now have it but I’m not sure if it has the same effect. Those faces scared me as well!

    I’d love to look at the Future predictions section if I can find it.

  7. teddles_russ’s avatar

    Munti, migod! Say hi to Ken and Robyn Liebeck for us sometime!

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    Yes and the terrifying top hat, the cuff link radio transmitter, and the finite Sun. The future? “Will the wheel soon be obsolete?” Magic stuff.

    : ) The Liebecks of out Burracoppin way? Small town. Small world. The places people end up. Did you get to the pub?

  9. teddles_russ’s avatar

    Ummm Auldvale farm – Robyn’s dad passed the farm to her and her hubby, I know them through her sister and her hubby here in Perth. Heck yeah small world indeed.

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    and Muntadgin, population 12 (19 when the wheat bin is open) is a small town. If you haven’t been there, get out there, it’s a rare place.

  11. Anonymous’s avatar

    There was a a book I read when I was younger called ‘The Screaming Skull & other Ghost stories’. All puportedly true stories. It included a tale about a song which was so sad, so powerful, it caused listeners to immediately go and commit suicide. But I can’t for the life of me (boom boom…) remember what the song was, who sang it or wrote it.

    It was probably an Australian band. You Ozzies seem to have managed to corner the market in songs which have a similar effect;)


  12. Anthony’s avatar

    The song is here.
    If you dare.

  13. Anonymous’s avatar

    I’m trying to find out a bit more about Muntadgin – this site came up on a google search – can anyone enlighten me?

  14. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Anonymous

    It’s small farming town 300km East of Perth where I grew up. A pub and a school and that’s about it. If you’d like some more info on it, just email me at [spiceblog] [a t] [gmail] [d o t] [com]

  15. Bregman’s avatar

    The faces of Belmez. I’m all too familiar with trying to avoid that page as well. In fact the image had the same effect on me after the google image search I did just now. Not quite as creepy, but as impactful was this image of Spring Heeled Jack:

    I love that book. I still flip through it 25 years later.

  16. jaydeebee’s avatar

    Meeee toooo! LOL I feel like I’m among friends. I, too, paged very carefully to avoid the page with the floor faces!

    Baron Samedi and the liana runner bungee jumpers stand out in my mind, in addition to the stories already listed.

    What a blast from the past!

  17. Anthony’s avatar

    Admittedly some of their predictions missed the mark but STILL!

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