Elmar’s Smallgoods – Highgate

Product + Service = Joy

Elmar’s. Makers of fine German sausages and the like and I finally made it there. Allgood as much as smallgood, it brings pause upon entering. A dozen things you know, a dozen things you’ve only heard of, and a dozen things you don’t know. But but but but service. They love their customers, gently chastising me for not coming before. More when I said I worked around the corner. Gallery tours have less love in them than the explanation of their sausage range. A mixed kilo of Hungarian and Nurnberger sausages for a large piece of wood lifting and BBQ evening and were they good? No. Ha just kidding, they were fantastic. I got a customer loyalty card, I didn’t need it but it was mustard on the Nurnberger.

Poor pieman got accused by a touchy soul of having it in for the Vietnamese. He is, in fact, a gold plated gentleman. Careful though, I’d keep a discrete distance if he’s been on the sea horse hooch.

Elmar’s Smallgoods across from the Queens, Cnr Mary and Beaufort Streets, Highgate.



  1. Lord Sedgwick’s avatar

    …then there was the plate of snags that put up ye olde Nurnberger Defence, “We were just following hors d’oeuvres.”

    (Scarpers off like greased lighnin’ … stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive … ha, ha, ha … stayin’ alive.)

  2. Anonymous’s avatar

    Yuummmmyyy. Almost tempting to go to Elmar’s on a Saturday for a ‘werst, instead of heading to the very ‘trendy’ :p Soto next door….Nicole http://www.craftapalooza.com (still too lazy…)

  3. Anthony’s avatar



    Counting myself lucky I held back from a “wurst” pun or I would have been right regally outclassed.

    Yep saw that place but I was in a hurry and in my Neil Armstrong of Darkness suit and thought otherwise. Mt Lawley is really quite the place now as Subi’s too Centro, Freo too Feral, and Cott too Collagen.

  4. Anonymous’s avatar

    “Gold plated” – Yikes! – Always thought I was more your Iron Age kinda guy:0


  5. Anthony’s avatar

    It’s true. But quiet about the gold, dont want to get tokyo goat all worked up again.

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