Eggs with Spinach in Ramekins

I saw something like this somewhere but forgot where so I reconstructed it from memory. It was triggered by breakfast on Saturday at the New Norcia bakery which is part of the bakery owned by Catholic Monks in New Norcia. I’m not sure of the degree of their involvement, but in the light of current theological debates about exclusion, that they could find a place in their hearts, and cafe, for the miserable of wait staff. To the point, they had a special which was a piece of toast with the corners turned up to make a bowl and then the eggs are baked in the toast bowl. Simple but nifty.

Come Sunday I dug out four ramekins. Cooked some chopped spinach in the microwave and added a bit of butter and some nutmeg. Meanwhile I chopped up some asparagus and field mushrooms into small pieces and cooked them in some olive oil until the asparagus was cooked but crunchy. I then evenly distributed the mix into the ramekins, leaving a large enough indent for a whole egg, plus a bit. Broke an egg into each one and then topped up with some cream and ground some pepper on top. They were then put into the oven until cooked which took about 10 minutes I think and then eaten with toast. Good and less of a hassle than poaching.