Beer Banquet – Preliminary Beer Choosings

One tokyo goat feeling pleased with things a few years back at a Belgian Beer Bar in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

The beer. Thinking thinking. Wine match is for venison is usually a shiraz, so I’m thinking something that adds punch without getting too caught in that heaviness of a stout. One book recommends a white wine for veal shanks but it might get lost in there. Especially if I’m adding a brown beef stock. Thinking ale but Michael (no) Jackson thought for game a lambic (too weak) or a stout (not acidic enough) and he ended up with an old Flemish Ale. The International Beer Shop suggested a Rodenbach Grand Cru. Good.

Got home and tested it as I was curious as to what would happen to it with heat. I tried a small amount as was, then simmered for a few minutes and tried and it, and then reduced it to half. “As was” was strong sharp flavoured, suggesting the berry flavours of lambic. With simmering a bit of the flavour dropped out, but then consolidated with fully filled taste experience – the berries still there but very stock like.

This is going to be The Melvins

For the soup, I was thinking a kind of potato and pale ale jobby but too much thinking on the sideshow so just went for the suggested beer spin on French Onion soup with Fuller’s ESB standing in for half the stock.

Just In:Wooooooooh! My new camera!!!! Come hither postman!



  1. tokyo goat’s avatar

    ah yes, a few years ago. Can recall visiting the bar but can’t recall a camera being there. Ahh the memories. I recently found one of you that I was contemplating posting but I resisted up til now as it was slightly less flattering than this one….it involved certain people, fuelled by large amounts of alcohol, running at full throttle only to conk out snoring mid evening at a Mejiro Heights gathering. Anyways we need to sort out that camera thing so that we can see pics of these culinary creations we read about.

  2. Robert’s avatar

    I’ve been drinking the old favourite Coopers Stout today.

    (But don’t tell anyone; I’m supposed to be studying…)

  3. tokyo goat’s avatar

    Is the stout the red , green or yellow label. For some reason I wanted to like the red label more than I actually did in reality

  4. Robert’s avatar

    Yellow.I also love the old stout, but I agree about the red one.

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    I can with great confidence say that there are more pics of me passed out than there are of Anna Kornakova’s undies. Rob’s beaten you to the punch on the blog appearance though.

    Cooper’s good. Should be our national beer. The red one’s stronger than the green one and the old stout is very good (can be cellared HA!). Swan make a very good stout and you wonder how they get away with it (wise heads last night said get one before it gets relabelled as pricey premium).

    Good luck with the exams Rob and as they say, one beer won’t kill ya.

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