Inoffensive Semillon weds Spunky Pasta

Bought 6 bottles of the Peter Lehmann 2002 Barossa Semillon yesterday at the low low price of $7.50 a bottle yesterday and had to give it a try before I bought bigger volumes for festos.

It is good, at first I thought oily but then , after another try it starts with a lemony buhwang and then sits there softly aaahhhooooohhhhhhwaahhhhh with a slight back of the throat cymbal work. Lager wine came to mind and, keeping that low low price in mind, I was happy.

The came the pasta. A dried and unusual looking pasta. filejia, that looks like a play-doh attempt at a cigarette. Lemon for pasta sauce is in tomatoes, a new world travesty, are out. Don’t argue. The sauce was:

one chopped red chilli and two chopped garlic cloves- sauteed in EVOO; followed by 150gm of proscuitto (not the paper thin slices but a couple of mill); and then a squeezed lemon and added its zest

Let’s see



…………….salty meaty salty salty


buhwanggaaahhhooooohhhhhhwaahhhhh tsktsktsktsktsts

Good. Off they go those crazy kids.

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  1. craftapalooza’s avatar

    I think you bought that wine ’cause of the boobies on the wine label :)

  2. Avatar’s avatar

    Ever since I watched Nigella make lemon linguine, I’ve wondered about the combination of lemon with pasta. The acidic lemon flavor doesn’t seem like it would compliment the pasta, but, now that I’ve had your confirmation, I might have to try it.

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    Ohmigod I thought they were buttons!! Blog dirty. Can’t clean!

    Lemon+ the pasta is counterintuitive but think of the lemon interacting with the other elements of the sauce like the heat of the chilli or the sweetness of the olive oil and it starts to make sense.
    Re: Nigella “zest of the whole lemon and juice of a hair of it”!?

  4. craftapalooza’s avatar

    I’ve made this recipe before, minus the proscuitto, but with anchovies and roasted tomato and garlic, with a sprinkling of sugar and grated parmesan. Hmmmm.

  5. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    mmmm, hairy juicy lemons. They can get anything now, those Poms.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    This is one of those I’ve had the same axe handle for 20 years things isn’t it? : )

    Back from your travels? Did you have to heart to tell them what they had was not a hairy unripe lemon but a kiwifruit?

  7. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    I’m trying another variation of your pasta with lemon recipe. But instead of prosciutto I’m using gin, and instead of chilli and garlic I’m using ice, and instead of pasta I’m using tonic water. And I sliced the lemon instead of juicing it, and left out the EVOO. But the spirit is there. Boom boom.

    I’ve been back nearly two weeks. A long time in the air for 6 days on the ground. And no I didn’t get the job. Stupid job anyway. Harrumph.
    In London I ate: nothing special. Standard issue curries. Very ordinary and shockingly overpriced noodles at wagamama. I was tempted by jellied eels at a market in Islington, but they were £3 for a little polystyrene cup, and I thought maybe I didn’t want to spend $8 for a small amount of eely snot.
    I drank: Theakston’s Old Peculier and other tasty things.
    I was amused by: the Gastro-Pub phenomenon. I suppose ‘gastro’ doesn’t have the same meaning as it does here.

  8. tokyo goat’s avatar

    haha. amusing man.

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    …and he plays bass.
    I would suggest that sounds like a lot of ginning around but the comment deserves better than that. Sorry about the interview but I’d happily miss out on a job to get flown somewhere.
    Wagamama – but they’ve got t-shirts. Theakston’s good and gastro-pubs, well I mean if a pub serving good food deserves a special name…
    Isn’t jellied eel the Cockney snack of choice?

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    “snack of choice” should read “Master’s Voice”

  11. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    Arf a mo, and leave it aat guv. I went up the apples-and-pears with the old trouble-and-strife, then I thought “apples-and-duck! this tedious apples-and-crime-ing slang is the stupidest form of apples-and-wordplay on the apples-and-planet, and…” well, apples-I’m-bored-of-this.

  12. Anthony’s avatar

    I caaaaaaan’t adam and eve it.

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