Does my Blog Burn Out Saturday

Still getting the hang of my new camera. Here’s a picture of my lunch down on the Matilda Bay foreshore.

It’s cookies for the monthly foodblogger virtual congregation Is My Blog Burning? and I’m way behind the game to do it this time. What with this, Wine Blogging Wednesday, Sugar High Friday, Does My Blog Look Good in This, and:

  • Is my Sacrifice to Baal Worthy? Wednesday
  • Localised Good Luck Getting These Ingredients Monthly
  • Interblog What that Missing Pet Became Thursday
  • Travesty of Tradition Tuesday
  • Where I’ve hid the Gin Sunday
  • Feast on the Flesh of Thine Enemy Foodblog Fiesta
  • Worldwide use of Foodstuffs in a Non-food way Wednesday
  • Nude with Food November
  • Tangential Tuesdays
  • International No Really You can Make Delicious and Moist Cakes in the Microwave Monday
  • You’re Late, You’re Drunk, The Dinner’s in The Oven and It’s Burnt Wednesday
  • Global Tuesday, so Tuesday is Fookin’ Steak and Chips Tuesday
  • What the Fuck would Jamie Oliver, Delia or Any of those Useless Hacks on TV Know Monday
  • Blogger Best thing they ever did to stop those Genocidal Serb butchers in Kosovo oh you’re Serbian I just meant the ones…Dinner Party Conversation Recount Sunday
  • The only Thing I can do right Is Cook and Now I’ve gone and burnt this cake Thursday
  • Double Entendre December
  • Haven’t had These Since Prison Wednesday
  • Surreptitiously Testing Food Allergies September
  • Gas Top, Electra Oven – my Mother’s recipes that never really please Daddy Week
  • Trinational Killing and Grilling Tuesday
  • All Offal October
  • If a Tree Falls in the Forest and Nobody Hears it Did it Make a Sound? Non-Blogging Friday

Have I missed any? No, not you Avatar


  1. Santos’s avatar

    haaaa. not it’s not avatar. it’s all gotten out of hand. i propose i eat out monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday sundays.

  2. Anonymous’s avatar

    wow! some of these events sound wonderful! I am so sorry I never heard of them before. I would love to join in. I am a bit scared with “Feast on the Flesh of thine Enemy” one… does it have to be an enemy or could I just use a friend? (ronald of

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    I’m just going to live on lichen and dew until February.
    It’s not too late for Nude with Food November but if you’re still keen on FotFlotEFF#4, I’ve just checked and apparently a friend is OK but
    1. only if they are also the friend of your enemy and
    2. the enemy is not the enemy of your enemy but
    3. the enemy that is the enemy of your enemy is friends with your enemy
    Rumour has it that they might just sublimate it as Trobriand I Will Shame my Enemy with 15 Wild Pigs Wednesday.

  4. Anonymous’s avatar

    :-) (ronald of

  5. Santos’s avatar

    lichen and dew? i have a fantastic gelato/consomme/concasse/stew recipe for that.

  6. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    I can barely handle participating in ONE event a month, let alone the thousand or so you just listed there! =P

    Perhaps we should invent more days to concide with each event…rather than more events to coincide with the days…

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    Not a slow-roasted coulis?
    I’m for metric weeks if you are.

  8. Jeanne’s avatar

    I think you left a few out…

    “Is that raccoon really dead?” – Roadkill Thursdays
    Cholesterol fry-up Fridays
    End-of-month egg on toast extravaganza

    And especially for you…
    Amuse Bouche-tucker – tasty appetisers from the Outback

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    “End-of-month egg on toast extravaganza” – cool. Look forward to hand fed free range chicken eggs, poached in a…

    “Amuse Bouche-tucker – tasty appetisers from the Outback” : ) can I slap a (c) on that one?

  10. Jeanne’s avatar

    I’ll slap a lawsuit on you! That’s MY (c) – creative commons be damned… But if you ask Santa nicely he may give you the copyright for Christmas :-)

  11. Anonymous’s avatar

    What about buggery ‘n’ bestiality Wednesday? Is my blog buggered?


  12. Anthony’s avatar

    Eek lawyers. Please Santa then.

    No contest, I’m a farmboy who went to boarding school.

  13. Anonymous’s avatar

    i can’t think of anything witty
    and i’m not that pissed ff
    but i am interested in your camera
    cos i got a new one too at the weekend
    and havent had time to learn all the buttons yet
    that’s what thanksgiving is for

  14. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi mystery person. It’s a Nikon Coolpix 4500 . I’m just working the basic functions at the moment and then building up to the trickier features. The good thing about it is the almost total manual control so I can control film speed, shutter speed, and aperature manually as well as thinks like bracketing. 5 spot focus and three different light meter settings too. It’s a lot of camera and basically does everything my F100. I’ll be getting my head around it and the Japanese manual for a while.

    Don’t worry about witty, it’s very overrated as a social skill.

    Presents for thanksgiving as well?

  15. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    I saw the pic of that camera on Tokyo Goat’s blog a while ago. Hope you’re enjoying your new toy. Looks good and it got great reviews. I’m wondering why you got a Japanese manual for your camera though. According to the review at, the model with the green stripe is the US version.

  16. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Reid

    I wonder too but I think they sell both colours in Japan. I’d just like to know why they don’t sell the red one in the US (shorely not a commie colour ; ). I tried to get a manual but it’s just ridiculous. Can’t get the PDF without a valid serial number.

    On a happier note, I’ve discovered the play function has a mike so I can record notes for each picture. I’ve got a shocking memory so now at least I can have some decent notes (that aren’t scribbled on napkins). Nice redesign on the site BTW. One day I’ll get to spruiking things up over here.

  17. Reid’s avatar

    Hey Anthony,

    Thanks for the compliment on my site redesign. I think an all white look is clean. I chose gray for the font as I think black can sometimes be a little hard on the eyes. I’ll send you an e-mail with the English Nikon Coolpix 4500 user manual. The file is about 7.9MB.

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