[picture from Cook a Good Dinner by Anne Mason]

Those crazy crazy olden days. Tomorrow is White Ribbon Day

Thanks to ab for the heads up.


  1. craftapalooza’s avatar

    Hope you’re wearing your white ribbon today! Great post and pic. Tho’ I think in your instance gender should be swapped in that image :)

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    A fetching bit of organza I picked up at the newsagents while getting Sight & Sound.
    : ) but my identity has been self-cemented as a debottler.

  3. FXH’s avatar

    ha spicey – you food wanker – you have now been snookered by this picture of a Carnivorous Canberran Cock Concoction

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    FX. A foodblog troll?

    Coq a l’orange? Far be it for me to duck a challenge. Watch this space.

  5. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    Why not make this interesting, you goose.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    We’ve no fowl language around here.

  7. Anonymous’s avatar

    More than welcome Anthony, great to see you supporting such an important issue.
    I apologize, I would have been quicker to post but I have 2 assignments due this week :-{{
    Ruspect, bfn ab.

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