Alhambra Reserva 1925


Alhambra Reserva 1925 looks all label-less and lemonady from the outside but actually is around 6.5% alcohol. Pleasant. Tastes like a sharp ale. Minox camerish – I’m more impressed with the stealth of it all.

Had with Kytren Goats cheese which is made up in the hills and apparently run by a South African woman. A very smooth customer it is with a bite to it that makes you chase it around like some white dressed lovely in a maze.


  1. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    Why does it have to be a white who is dressed lovely? And why in a maze?
    I smell a rat.

  2. Robert’s avatar

    Spicy, I’d like to see you review Wee Heavy. Had one the other night and loved it, but I don’t have the fancy lingo.

  3. Anonymous’s avatar

    Mmm, I’m so honry for a beer….


  4. Anthony’s avatar

    The adverb is lovelyly

    You must reach into your own well of experience –
    Wee Heavy. As in Hickman – v – Roberts (1913), it persuades the tongue and demands payment.

    We itch. We scratch.

  5. Anonymous’s avatar

    best beer i ever had in spain were do i buy it in england

  6. Anonymous’s avatar

    Utobeer in Borough Market or at their pub called the Rake nearby.

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