Feral Brewing Company


A sunny Saturday, the Jacaranda trees are in full blue blossom, head for the Swan Valley for a drive with Toni in the Jazz to Brajkovich Salvage to get a new cistern. What a pleasure. The place is full of lapsed stuff. I prefer these to galleries, where all the imagination has been done for you. Potential everywhere. It’s the difference between looking at cakes and cuts of meat. A T-Bone, what do do with? Rabbit, one day a meal, but how?

Restrained myself to just the prime directive but will have to head back with the household version of Thunderbird 2. Stopped in at Feral Brewery. The Belgian White and the Pilsner are pictured above. Both a tad rougher than their usual equivalents but refreshing enough, and you get to look out over lawn and vineyards.


The platter was excellent. Hommous, prosciutto, spanish sausage, cheddar, tomato relsih, dukkah, Dandaragin EVOO, brie, olives, and the best of all – beetroot pesto. Chef’s secret recipe. I was curious to find out which sensitive regions would have to be wired to loosen his tongue, but I settled for my own experimenting later.

The new dual flush cistern was installed with a minimum of swearing and is fabulous.


Brajkovich Salvage: 1686 Great Northern Highway, Upper Swan

Feral Brewery: 152 Haddrill Road, Baskerville, Swan Valley


  1. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    Dunnyblog is it now? You’re all class.

  2. tokyo goat’s avatar

    weird day. can’t follow any of it. beer, food and bog is as close as I get.

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    Duchamp was right. One toillet and it’s all outrage and confusion.

  4. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Pics with the new 4500? Nice! =)

    That platter of goodies looks great and if that beetroot pesto is the one on the top near the middle…I’ll take some! Let me know when you figure out how it’s made.

  5. Jeanne’s avatar

    Not so much Spiceblog as Bogblog. Marcel was right – one loo & urinal-ot of trouble. Will your new piece soon be taking up residence at the Tate Modern as well?

    Blooming jacarandas. Waves of homesickness. Thanks, bud.

  6. Anthony’s avatar


    Yes indeed it was. The beetroot pesto was pretty special. Most of mine, and most Australian’s association with beetroot is in round slices with a slightly tinny flavour. My mum even had a special container for. I now roast it or juice it but the pesto will have to be attempted. Burger!

    Funnily enough. Apparently this one daringly combines form and function in a tip of its lid to the Bauhaus School.

    I could imagine why on the homesickness, they are vast and impressive at the moment.

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