Dirty Deeds


The 2004 Perth Bikers Charity Ride is tomorrow.

I always forget this, so a reminder. If you’ve got a bike (no), or just know someone called Snake or Bandit with a spare seat, get there with a donation of a toy, money, clothes, blankets, or non-perishable food. Always a huuuuge turnout.

Look out for me, I’ll be the one in black, wearing boots.

エエエエ? 何で?: Searching for EoMEoTE#1 and found there’s a Japanese version of spiceblog that I never knew existed. How very sugoi.


  1. Jeanne’s avatar

    …with a Global knife between your teeth and a dishtowel fetchingly draped over your shoulder??

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    No knives, no guns, no dishtowels.

  3. Santos’s avatar

    dang, our blogs look so good in japanese, why is that? a quick scan of your japanese counterpart shows there’s no translation of “lemonady” and “molotov”. and on mine there’s no translation for “teppan yaki”, haaaa. thanks for the tip!

  4. craftapalooza’s avatar

    I remember going to watch the bikies when I was a kid! Have a great time, gorgeous day for it.

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    They do indeed look good. Must be that techy otherness. Very literal too. I got the truncated “spic” as spanish american person. There’s no doubt someone in Aichi prefecture reverse engineering our blogs and then we’re out of business.

    It was a top day out. More details soon.

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