Asparagus Steached in White Wine

Asparagus is $1.50 a bunch.

Another small experiment. Given the size of my lidded frypan and the amount of white wine I had, the half submerged asparagus got both a steaming and a poaching.

A cup of white wine, half a cup of water, a few peppercorns in a lidded frypan and then in go the asparagus for a gentle steamy simmering for about five minutes.

I then kept the asparagus warm, boiled the wine until reduced to about a half. I also should have kept it as a base floavour for research purposes but chucked a few sprigs of thyme from the erb garden in as well. No harm done.

Melted a tablesoon of butter add a tablespoon of the reduced wine, stirred and then poured it over the asparagus.

Oh I’d also quickly seared the asparagus in the remnant grease of the mutton chops I’d cooked on one of those oven top grilling plates. The chops had been marinated in some balsamic vinegar and rosemary olive oil.