EoMEoTE#1 – End-of-month Egg on Toast Extravaganza – Round-up

Sorry folks for the delay I’ve been flat out busy compiling the entries for the first ever EoMEoTE – End-of-month Egg on Toast Extravaganza – where bloggers create an egg and toast concoction to share. They have come from one end of the earth to the other, of all sexes, and multiple ethnicities. Bread, eggs, great binders in this big old lump of meat we call humanity.


My own humble effort was fired off prematurely and it shows – egg on toast and sauce, that’s it. I’m a simple man.

Godmother of EotMEoTE Jeanne of Cook sister!,took her entry so seriously there were no typical form mentions of eggstravaganza. Not just scrambling but whisking the whites for fluffiness, wilted some spinach, added some smoked salmon AND ADDED HOME GROWN CHIVES!!!!!!!!!!! Outstanding. Mei capilli sunt flagrantes.

Reid of‘Ono Kine Grindz‘s fried egg was so good he couldn’t take a picture of it before eating it. A first! What spirit!!!

January the 31st is EotMEoTE #2 – see you then!


  1. Anonymous’s avatar

    I thought today was ‘Hide your granny’s falsies and feed her something really big, hard and crunchy Thursday’ You’re just not up to speed boyo.


  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Ahhhgh bugger right you are. I was still reeling from forgetting that World Wine Blogging Wednesday was last week, not this one and what’S IMBB this month? Besides, grandmas still got good strong Croat-Slovenian teeth and hasn’t worn falsies since she was a teenager.

    Looking forward to that eggy roll of yours for EoMEoTE#2

  3. Santos’s avatar

    no it’s “someone hid my falsies and now there’s something really big, hard and crunchy in my push-up bra” thursdays over in the self-esteem blogs, pieman.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    you pop ’em in and then you spin around
    pop up! pop up! falsies!

  5. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    You’ve got to do the dance too.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Excellent idea. Here I go…

    pop up! pop up! falsies!

    pop up! pop up! falsies!

    pop up! pop up! falsies!


  7. Santos’s avatar

    now i’m scared.

  8. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    Good effort, but you didn’t go ‘boing’.
    And you call yourself AMOA…

  9. Anonymous’s avatar

    A man of of action speaks louder than words.


  10. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    I’ll be sure not to eat it so fast next time! =P

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    The rules say nothing about how many you can make so you could always make one, eat it, and then make another one.

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