Gifted Bikkie at the Brass Monkey


One good sort, who knows who she is, brought home made biscuits for everybody to our end of year wind-up. The Brass Monkey is the best pub in the CBD and one of the best in Perth. The upstairs bull nosed verandah allows lazy car watching and they’ve now got new sofas. Many thanks to all there for putting up with me all year.

I had to rescue mine from the clutches of our resident garden spirit. Delicious. Resident beer at the Brass Monkey, Alpha Pale Ale put in a good showing for becoming official beer of the summer. Sharp, complex, and glassable.


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    Yes, the brass monkey’s fantastic, and they serve beer in especially good glasses! Did you ever try their chilli beer? I remember we had that once with some kind of Mexican pizza (it’s a pity they stopped doing pizza – or did they?) and the combination was rather eye watering. Sail and Anchor – same company – is also good, but I didn’t like the renovations they did very much. We’ve been meaning to go there to try their newly brewed Bok, which is a type of beer I’ve never had before. Also, I think Little Creatures is a fair contender for the race to ‘best pub in the metro area’.

    On another note, have you ever been to Santa Fe restaurant on Hay St in Subi? We were there last night and I was particularly impressed with the way they serve corn on the cob!! (Leaves still on, all pulled back decoratively…Looked like a frill neck lizard or something!)

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    Yeah I love Little Creatures but the Brass Monkey is the better building. And yes theys stuffed up the upstairs bit in the Sail and Anchor – seems to have been done by someone who had never seen the actual building. The Little Creatures building is still like a warhouse in Osborne Park but seems to run on magical pure ambience. An architectural non-statement. Love the OBH too but if it wan’t on the coast, it’d be a complete dunghole.

    Bit leery of chilli beers, the only people that seem to do flavoured beers right are Macs of New Zealand.

    Santa Fe – not for a verrrrrrry long time, but it is corn season alright, soak it in water first. Yum

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    whoope that was me.

    AMOA must have been messing with the comments again.

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