A Concise History of Australian Wine

Been reading A Concise History of Australian Wine by John Beetson. A much more enjoyable way of tracking Australian history than sheep population numbers and self-serving revisionism. Although I know progress is never an unbroken march, this stunned me (slightly edited):

The wraps were off it was now time to reveal the product to the Sydney “cognescenti“. They were horrified. Reactions in Adelaide we’re no better. Comments varied from ‘crushed ants’ to ‘aphrodisiac’.

Schubert was mortified and received the final blow when the board asked him to cease production just before the 1957 vintage. For three years it officially did not exist. It was a ‘non-wine’, condemned because it was unsaleable and also because this lack of acceptance and the criticism thus generated was deemed harmful to the company’s reputation as a whole. The tide of public disfavour began to ebb and ‘the prejudices were overcome’.

The wine? None other than the Kooba Estate Fruity Lexia.

Nah, not really. It’s this tidy drop


  1. tokyo goat’s avatar

    the “carton of Fruity Lexia” gives me a carton of “fruity lexia” of emotions.
    I laugh: because it’s a funny name
    I am nostaligic: remembering passing the silver bag ripped from the box to a highschool comrade sitting in the park next to me. Hold the bag high, face stretched to the sky…and neck it.
    I shudder: remembering the hangovers
    I cringe: remembering the fumbling hestitations of drunken advances on the young ladies.
    I am silently impressed: hard to beat that bang for the buck
    I cry: cause it’s still on sale
    I am relieved: not in Japan it’s not.
    (think I have just unknowingly stolen spiceblogs listing-explanation postings manner)

  2. tokyo goat’s avatar

    another quick note. “Fruity Lexia” would have been an apt title for this advertorial

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    The “spiceblog listing-explanation postings manner”, like a cask of fruity, is for sharing

    That’s frankly a very impressive tribute there and I reckon we could squeeze a poem or something out of the fellow readers. Got me worked up into a song:

    When we were young
    and sexier
    You and me
    Fruity Lexia

    But wine becomes
    and soon you weren’t

    There was just nothing
    There was just nothing
    Just an empty silver bag
    and a gut full of heartbreak

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey just got your follow-up. “The Gay Grapevine”. I’d get out quick to start up your own wine news blog/ wine bar this minute before I do.

  5. tokyo goat’s avatar

    ah well. I enjoyed remembering.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    You know I was kind of hoping you were going to tell me you had laid down the guitar track.

  7. tokyo goat’s avatar

    well I did but refrained from announcing because a Christmas sampled hiphop version is already out.

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