Toroidal Carbohydrate and Fat Containment Device


torus2 torus3 torus4


If you’d like to work out the approximate surface area of this Torus, it’s simply a matter of finding out the inner radius (r) and the outer radius (R) which will give you


Of course for volume you’d save yourself the trouble and immerse it in a measuring jug of coffee.

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  1. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    Torus? It barely touched us.
    BTW does your camera have a cuisine setting?

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Oh wow, no. Benri da ne!

    Bet it slices a mountain of coleslaw too.

  3. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Fascinating facts. What kind of torus do you think this is? Looks more like a horn torus to me. What was the measured surface area of these beauties?

    By the way, did you make them yourself? The pictures look great!

  4. Anonymous’s avatar

    I didn’t know Dr. Stephen Hawking was guest blogging this week. Whassup?


  5. Anonymous’s avatar

    Mister Donut is still in form here. Mada tabete inai kedo taberu toki zehi saizu wo hakaru!

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Icing had in fact transformed it into a horn torus so I unblocked it with a chopstick this returning it to its natural state. Sadly it was eaten before I could get the micrometer out but lets say

    No, no donut maker me, but it’s the same donut with different lighting on a translucent counter.

    I’m dedicating this post to you.

    cruller wa muzukashii ka na. nihon ni tanoshinde.

  7. mik’s avatar

    I like this post for the following reasons:

    1. I’m a Taurus. Torus, Taurus. Close enough.
    2. It contains the word “coffee”.
    3. It’s got maths.
    4. Inner and outer radii make me hot.

  8. Anonymous’s avatar

    Is it just me or is that a surprising amount of surface area for a donut to have? I would have thought around fifteen… but jeez, it’s quite a lot more. Are you sure you did the maths right? Because that’s a lot of donut-area. Just think about it… 37 square cm. Wow. This donut-science is really doing my head in.


  9. Anthony’s avatar

    Temporally mapped inner and outer radii make me pretty hot too.

    That is the beauty of the torus over a bun shape.

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