smworkofartWhereas craft is about the skill of the creator, art is about the audience. It should take us somewhere we could not go by ourselves, whether it be to greater sublimity or further abasement. It should also provide rough and friendly red wine and cheesy snacks if it is to appeal to scroungers like myself who like nothing better than latching on to our cultural betters.

smknittedtorus But those were the heady happy days of the Hawke-Keating era and art has yielded to commodification and beer for sale in our visit to the opening of the Supermart exhibition in Northbridge. Filled to the aisles with conceptual art gags 784% funnier than your average Christmas cracker. Hinging on the themes of food – Pre-Packaged Finger Food, Knitted Sausages, and Mrs Alderson’s Little Book of Garnishes; and belonging Other People’s Lighters and Other People’s Shopping Lists. I settled for a friends’, look out for him B. O’Connor’s, Black and Yellow Small Work of Art, which will get pride of place in the SB production centre.

smcheckout Then moved over to have beers and chat in the mild and fading light where I bumped into local blogger Karen Cheng to compare bellies and talk about roasting pigs. This reminded me that I should send you over to her gorgeous site. Get to Supermart before Christmas – cheap and clever (and is it too late readers, to let you know that there’s a Ford Falcon XC Cobra for sale over at Australian Muscle Cars – hint hint).

Off then to a birthday party when I drank (attention Bucks Off Innaloo shoppers $40 a carton) Monteiths’s Pilsners with gallettesand tasty sausages.

supermart has opened, keeping normal business hours until December 30 (closed Christmas and Boxing Day) at the the Breadbox Gallery at the Bakery Artrage Complex, 233 – 239 James St Northbridge.




  1. craftapalooza’s avatar

    Thanks for the heads up on the exhibition. Sounds great. I spied a knitted item…

  2. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    What a novel concept. I spied those knitted items and the “box-sized” art. Must have been interesting indeed. Did you all have push carts or baskets full of goodies upon entering?

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    You did cross my mind while I was there. It’s a lot of fun. My friend managed to sell 30 of his works.

    No, no trolleys, it the place was the size of a 7-11 and filled to the gills and there was even a queue outside. Perth – arts capital of Oceania.

  4. Anonymous’s avatar

    Thanks for telling us about this one. Kat and I went down there yesterday and we thought it was hilarious (and artistic). I wished I hadn’t done all my christmas shopping already, because there were some great gift ideas as well.

    Mark ‘heaven in a box’

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